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  • My absolute favortie Saint is anba oneness, (have no idea how o spell that by the way), if u ever lose anything, ask for his intercession, trust me, you'll find it!
  • Now I thought of something else. At a youth meeting recently, we listened to the song dance with me Jesus by a contemporary Christian group. Some of the Youth were against it because it said i wanna dance with you Jesus and i don't think Jesus would…
  • I am against the act of same sex relationships not to mention gay marriages. It's absolutely disgusting! And to bring children into the picture through adoption, it makes me go crazy!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr, it's haram! And I think we've all heard that God…
  • Because I am 1/2 Egyptian and 1/2 American, I can't understand Arabic enough to know what the song is talking about. So if i listen to a bad song by Arabic, even though I can't understand them, am I still committing a sin? You tell me cuz these days…
  • Mark- I think I have the verses your looking for. I used to live in Australia and I attened the Coptic School there. Of course we had Religion as a class and this Topic came about. *" shall not cut yourselves nor shave the front of your hea…
  • Thoma and Servant, I fully agree! :D
  • If you understand what i meant then it shouldn't matter. i'm sorry for my choice of words. i meant to say going to hell. sorry if i misslead you. :o
  • If you are addressing me Michael- I disagree that innocent babies are damned to burn in hell just because they are not baptized. Back to you Mark- What you said makes complete sense. Subjects such as these can be dangerous if dwelled upon for a long…
  • I disagree. I was baptized in the church as a baby, but my mother wasn't. My mother is not Egyptian and was baptized in her early 30's. I know she led a Christian life and everyone looks up to her for her tremendous faith. i don't believe that she …