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  • The thought of judgement day scares me!
  • hey, i go 2 Anba Abraam n heres our website, check it out:
  • [glow=red,2,300]This is a pic of my church:[/glow]
  • My hectic 5 are: *Archangel Michael *St. Mary *Anba Abraam *St George *St Wannas (helps me find EVEYTHING) By the way, they aren’t in any order. God Bless
  • well im a girl n i would neva go around wearing short shorts or a tank top. why would any1 wanna walk around half naked and i would imagine that it would be uncomfortable to wear short shorts or a tank top all day long . And wearing them 2 church is…
    in Clothes Comment by Ibra July 2004
  • egytony, iam assuming that you live in America? (corect me if iam wrong). But circumstances in Australia r very different to America. God Bless
    in Coptic Schools Comment by Ibra July 2004
  • Dont get me wrong, im not putting down coptic schools, at least i didnt mean to. All i was saying was dat i prefer not to go to a coptic school. Yes i agree that the environments are different but in a way there still the same. Not all catholic sch…
    in Coptic Schools Comment by Ibra July 2004
  • i live in Australia n there are a few coptic schools. I dont go to one, i go to a catholic school. But personally i dont want to go to a coptic school. The coptic schools are accually worse then your generall public school. The difference between co…
    in Coptic Schools Comment by Ibra July 2004
  • hey guys, this is just my view on tats but i have a tat of the cross on my right wrist and so do the rest of my family but its ur ordinary copt cross. I got it recently when i went 2 egypt n my parents were fine with it. The priests (abouna) at my …