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  • You bring up a lot of good points, it's easy to say im a Christian but its alot harder to be one. We can all say, if i was around in Jesus' time I'd never act like the people around him, i'd never let him suffer alone. But we let it happen everyday …
  • [quote author=ArIpSaLiN link=board=1;threadid=530;start=0#msg8773 date=1092559901] hi all sorry to interupt... :( i jus wanna say there are sum young ppl like me ;D that are too young to know this stuff... im mature and im taught many stuff that is …
  • i have just a bit of a follow up question, generally related to this topic.... What if a person was to get involved in a relationship, with someone who had already lost their virginity. I personally dont see a problem with it, if the two people hav…
  • [quote author=LostEgPrincess link=board=1;threadid=492;start=0#msg8152 date=1091401824] me u could just register ASM. u still have a chance. registration ends Aug. 7th. its probably a long way though for u. u need a min. of …
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=490;start=0#msg8099 date=1091257493] exagerating is a form of lying, bending the truth.. [/quote] I disagree ASM
    in exagerrating Comment by ASM July 2004
  • [quote author=ServantOfJesus link=board=1;threadid=498;start=0#msg8091 date=1091244013] Hey guys, Is lying a sin when you don't mean it?? you just blurt something out wrong accidentally but you never get to fix it. ??? [/quote] Yes ASM
    in Lying Comment by ASM July 2004
  • Philly? I'm in Canada and im not invited but i heard about this through pple off the site... sounds like fun... maybe one day Ontario will be added to that list :'( maybe one day. ASM
  • Well, for me personally I'm a sarcastic exagerrator... Like here's an example "Church on sunday is 14 hours long..." we all know its not 14 hours long (although depending on ur abouna it maybe) but it just stresses that its long. I don't see anythin…
    in exagerrating Comment by ASM July 2004
  • lol
  • Just forgive and forget, its not ur or my place to punish anyone. easier said then done i know, but it really isnt our place to 'teach someone a lesson' ASM
  • Sleepy, is there something u'd like to share... "Like locking them out of the house for an hour...." i'd like to assume that most of us have these memories of punishments our siblings decided to caste upon us.... it's prolly not a good idea, but i…
  • ummm, no i think God would rather i not butcher the language, leave it be. i have no use for arabic, and im sure that God wont mind. Reading and writting it, thats just pushing it. ASM
  • [quote author=Wasim link=board=1;threadid=458;start=120#msg7540 date=1090337166] there is a thread called read it in coptic started by matt and Naeem we are not forcing anyone to learn arabic (except ASM :D) they asked if they could learn so it is…
  • Movie About Egypt's Christian Coptic Minority Raises Eyebrows By Ursula Lindsey Monday, July 19, 2004 Cairo: A movie focusing exclusively on Egypt's Christian Coptic minority and featuring Laila Elwi in a leading role, is sparking controversy, a…
  • [tt]Which letter on the keyboard is that?? ASM[/tt]
  • [tt]Word up, so i take it... it can wait till another day, its getting late. im not sure i can retain anythign i learn cept... ÇÊ aka Ann ASM[/tt]
  • [tt]Canada :-\ up north eh i dont knwo anyone with 'AIM'? ASM[/tt]
  • [tt]wooooooooooooo msn... whats aim, some american thing i bet :'( ASM[/tt]
  • [tt] ::) i think its impossible to learn this way, at least with instant mgsing u get the response before 12mins have gone by ASM[/tt]
  • Me and LordHaveMercy are in a boat together, the S.S we are confused by arabic. ;) ASM
  • Dont worry me and u LordHaveMercy, we're in the same boat. boats and mountains, that's what its all about asm
  • [quote author=Wasim link=board=1;threadid=458;start=45#msg7407 date=1090206200] who said that everest is not climberable (i don't know if that is even a word) [/quote] climbable.. i think... see ENGLISH first then arabic ASM
  • :'( :'( this is my mount Everest ASM
  • WOW its like a private lesson from 3 pple... and im still lost guys dont waste ur time... remember the mountain ann said she wouldnt climb :'( ASM
  • for my computer theres a lil button beside the clock that says EN for english and AR for arabic. you just have to change it for which ever language ur using. but a word to the wise, dont forget to turn it off espeically when u type alot without look…
  • It's with one dot I dont know... Ann, see hopeless... plus it super small i can write it out by hand better ASM
  • [quote author=markbotros link=board=1;threadid=159;start=15#msg7372 date=1090204338] It is not matter Guys or Girls, but what one what does for his eternal life. For in heaven no one can say im Guy or Girl. Jesus sa…
    in Guys or Girls Comment by ASM July 2004
  • alright lets see... ÇÊ Whats that say? it should be my name.. although the stick one usually has a thinggy on top of it, who knows what button that is.. i tried? ASM
  • :'( no, im a lost cause... Arabic is one mountain i gracefully decline to climb. as u can tell i have enough trouble with english ;D ASM