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  • hey i know im kinda late replying to this topic but oh well im from St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church, Jersey City, New Jersey. (aka...BERGEN) its awsome and I LOVE IT. also i kinda have a question, ppl that are from …
  • thank u guys sooo much u really helped me alot God bless u CA
  • hey guys, anba sorial came to our church recently, last january, and he had a whole lecture only on the mormons, it is mostly summerized in the post of coptic chris, but there is something that was not mentioned he said that they have a special han…
  • why isnt anyone answering me?? i still need an answer plz
  • hi everyone i know i posted this b4 but i still cannot listen to hymns online w/o downloading :-\ so i end up downloading just to see if its what i want and i exceed my limit so can u help me i have real player and everything but its noott working …
  • hi again im sorry to bother u but i still cannot play the songs,hymns, etc at all i can download but it does not play i do have realplayer (the newest one) whats wrong ???
  • yeah , right there with u BUT if we say that then there is no reason for us to have a court of to put these people on trial because we want them to repent so its really satan who did it but these people participated in it yes they do need our prayer…
  • LOL yeah but its not really about how much it hurts, its about the fact that there would be a needle next to me i cant stand that how can u get ur mind off of it when ur getting it done
  • now i have mixed feelings i know that it doesnt make a diff but i shows that u are saddened but on the other hand its a celebration in a way
  • i guess that it is pointless for wearing black thanx for clearing it up
  • to tell u the truth shes the bravest of us all although i know whats inside of her, she is really brave i am not like that she was the one making us feel better during the mass on sunday can u believe it may GOD be with her she soo sweet
  • o ok that makes sense thanz
  • i have realplayer and it wont work either
  • yeah but should we or should we not wear it it wont bring them back o i wish it could
  • my mom doesnt like me on any religious websites anymore she says how can u trust them. on one hand i dont blame her but on the other hand i wanna be free to say anything that i wish and to preach my religion afterall that is what god intended us to …
  • well the thing that my parents dont know is that i got into a convo once on an arabic chat room about islam i didnt say anything bad about their religion except that i pointed out all the stuff that their religion said and that seemed to get them ve…
  • yeah, she was the greatest person . she was a saint and we didnt realize. i dont think we understand the value of something unless we loose it i love u so much sylvia pray for me and for all of us i wish u were here with us or i wish i had the chanc…
  • sylvia was the best and i learned many lessons from her myself that i will never forget
  • i would but my brother is a coward i guess im the brave one LOl from outside but from inside im terrified
  • thanz coptic orthodox
  • u didnt answer me u guys would u plz reword it LOL im slow so jesus took our place but whats the point of the ppl saying u took my place ???
  • i really would love to have one, but every time i bring it up my mom tells me how unsafe tthat is with the needles, especially in egypt, so it was amazing to hear that also the thing is that i would rather jump of a building than have a needle get s…
  • WOW great to know that im not the only one but terribly sad about the girl also when i was in bed i kept thinking if someone broke in should i prretend to be asleep or scream and yell for someone to help i reached the decision that bec my room is t…
  • o thanx so much i was lost
  • true, schoolbishoy
  • thats true the brain dont blame anyone they actually did sylvia a favor because she wanted that in her poem that she wrote, and that was read at her funeral it said "no more pain to darken my life, no more fear of getting killed with lifes knife" h…
  • ok first i wanna ask u guys something and dont say im stupid just keep it inside of u LoL what does RIP stand for i see alot of u typing it second i read the article sleepy and im stunned by the way muslims make themselves look like the angels i hea…
  • omg my parents too but my mom mostly every time im online i have to be asked of what am i doing and why and how long ive been warned abbout the websites and the chatrooms for like a thousand times and about the doors, i really dont blame them becaus…
  • thanx that was a great story but as all of u already know( im slow) so plz would someone reword the ending i mean i get it, the storyy, but whats the message lol CA
  • frrog u could check the thread with the title "unfortunate news" that will keep u updated about the tragedy