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  • [i]good GOD be with me in prayer with him. Father Michael[/i]
  • [b] After waking in the morning, pray, and after some time, saying, Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me, the first thing you have to reflect upon is this: that you show that you see yourself in perikleismeno in one place, and stage, which …
  • UNKNOWN ARETI Sometimes the devil was presented in a very famous saint and said: What are you? Nothing you. What kamneis you in kamno too. Do you work too? I work too. You sleepless? I stay up longer than you. Fasts you? I did not get a bite or fo…
  • A humble PRAYER I think help THIS S THE LOVE YOU FATHER MICHAEL O Lord Jesus Christ, Son and Word of the living God, who came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the first, through the prayers of Your Most Holy Mother, of Saint Nicholas and…
  • Repentance Protopresbyter Michael Megagianni Priest Holy Church of St. George Kamara Repentance is the cornerstone of spiritual life. The recognition of our sinfulness, the pain because pikraname God, the decision for a change, and resorting to conf…
  • Μετα βαθυτατου θλιψεως συμεριζομαι τον πονο των αδικοχαμενων παιδιων της ορθοδοξου κοπτικης εκκλησιας και αισθανομαι ως Ιερεας του υψιστου αηδιασμο δια την σφαγην αυτην. Εις τις οικογενεις των αδικοχαμενων μεταφερω την αγαπην μου και την συμπονοια μ…