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  • Christina- follower of Christ or Marina cause shes my favourite saint and im named after her:) Verena i like it Michael although the name is soo widely used Parthenea coming from Parthenos i thought it was really cool!! mm i cant think of anyth…
  • Thank you soooooooo much for bringing that up!!! I have argued so many times with different people about this issue!! The comments have answered so many of my questions but also brought new ones. How do you become a deaconess? We have so much in co…
    in Women Comment by mkilada April 2009
  • I am so amazed and moved by how seriously you are thinking. Being a deacon would be such an honour for me. I cannot be one because i am a girl. The boys in my church take it as a nuisance and wish they werent deacons and i just get so annoyed. I don…