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  • His Grace is sufficient. Thank you! It's been a while mikey boy :)
  • Glory be to Christ! I passed, thanks everyone. This site's prayers never cease to fail.
  • i was hoping to start the first monastery in canada, but in new brunzwick :(
  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=topic=14616.msg166355#msg166355 date=1382638103] Sorry I am not trying to insult, I just wanted to say that if someone is not at peace with themselves, how are they ready to share their life with someone else [/quote]the m…
  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=topic=14616.msg166158#msg166158 date=1380826911] You sound quite disturbed and I would not advise you to be in a relationship until you resolve these issues. [/quote]lol
  • thanks for using your qualifications to address my psychological issues and diagnose me with a mild form of autism which is just mild enough for me to be using a computer :)
  • I've gotten used to loneliness... loneliness sucks at first but once you get used to it, it doesnt suck and everything else starts to suck.
  • coundown to 10 do it like this 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 then WAKE UP
  • If you're feeling weak, communion is your strength. If you're feeling tempted, the Psalms is your defense. I usually read a chapter per day. Not so sure about fixing an amount of time for reading (let alone praying).
  • Found on God interposed by an oath — Amazing condescension! He who is greatest of all acts as if he were a middle person; as if while he swears, he were less than himself, by whom he swears! Thou that hearest the promise, dost thou…
  • i read by chapters (one a day) not by minute... im glad you realize you should read the Bible, but dont let sickness or sinning get in the way of reading. feeling guilty enough to not go to God has been in the devil's book of tricks since the days o…
  • [quote author=Purity2 link=topic=13975.msg161717#msg161717 date=1354717610] Why do u have to watch?? If u and men like u did not support this depravity there would be no use for it in the world! Those girls are victims! Some of them maybe even dru…
  • [quote author=qawe link=topic=13817.msg161055#msg161055 date=1352543139] [quote author=sodr2 link=topic=13817.msg161052#msg161052 date=1352505517] Lhmoyd = Lord have mercy on your... dservant?? disciple?!?! is that it? [/quote] I think it's probab…
    in Issue Comment by sodr2 November 2012
  • Lhmoyd = Lord have mercy on your... dservant?? disciple?!?! is that it?
    in Issue Comment by sodr2 November 2012
  • i know Christ died for every individual, but it just seemed strange pondering on the "bought us" part it would seem to suggest universal salvation, but i guess John 3:16 clears that up actually the main thing that intrigued me was how much worse a …
  • You could pray at 9 pm.
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=13662.msg159314#msg159314 date=1345954436] [quote author=Copticandproud link=topic=13662.msg159313#msg159313 date=1345952706] What is the difference between nyetercebec;e and ouwst ? They are both translated a…
  • you want to be a monk, yet youre married. you can still be a priest i guess, but just because your life is busy, doesnt exclude you from pleasing God. a priest once said we dont just pray to go to heaven, but we dedicate everything in our life... we…
  • i partitioned my C: drive the other day so i dont know if that counts for anything...  :o
    in HELLO Comment by sodr2 August 2012
  • conscience = whoa what i did was bad consciousness = whoa
  • seriously man seriously..i need english!
  • the battle doesnt end with one victory (eg confessing/ abstaining for long periods) or one defeat... you'll be struggling with temptation for a long time. the only thing i can tell you is once you confess, take communion every week and ready the Bi…
  • Have you ever considered starting your own clinic?  :P In all seriousness though, I would say watch as many films/listen to as many albums as you can and sign up to some music/film cataloging/rating site to record your feelings.
    in Summer Comment by sodr2 June 2012
  • They don't allow cameras unfortunately, but i did feel guilty taking one picture of a cool icon in another church nearby before the doorman said no pictures allowed, may as well share it:
  • st george church in heliopolis usually has lots of trips to monasteries around egypt (including St Anthony) which you can book but it usually lasts one day instead of a week... if you can arrive at the monastery however you can, you can probably le…
  • [quote author=liftmyheart link=topic=12400.msg145294#msg145294 date=1317171331] If the sub teacher told you you could use it, then I guess you can. What is this, Naruto (any manga readers here?)? Trying to make you cheat? lol [/quote] myanimelist
  • Pray for my brother too, he just moved in a dorm last saturday  :o
  • [quote author=DC link=topic=12240.msg144348#msg144348 date=1315441604] I think this is partially because of my older brother. He has so many close friends that actually care and look out for him. They call him to check up on him, hang out with him, …
  • be thankful youre not awkward