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  • hey girl, Fill your time, do something new maybe.  Start your activities with the Bible.  Don't make a big deal out of it and let God teach you something new from this.  Regardless of how yesterday went, remember that God gave you a new one today …
    in Issue Comment by gmic November 2012
  • The barrier between living and dead has been eliminated due to the Resurrection of Christ. Those who are departed are just as much with us and just as much a part of the Church as those who we see living on this earth. There is no longer any separat…
  • You know, most of us here would not agree that May 21st is Judgement day.  That's insane. But thinking about the whole concept brought me to think....say Judgement day is near, am I confident that I will be in the hands of our Father?  Am I sure tha…
  • sorry, what about the monks of mt. athos? what's the problem with them...
  • you are very insightful, wise and helpful on this site.  There's much thought and knowledge behind your words.  Don't sweat it bro, we love you :)