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  • may God give you strength.often when we go through stress, our bodies try to comfort us with physical things.ask God to comfort you instead, be honest and pray and say 'God, this is really hard right now, please remind me of your love for me' and th…
  • doesn't look like it;-) happy feast of the cross!
  • well if you don't know, i give up! ;)
  • his name is 'peter', but yes, he is very humble!
  • i was wondering how many days it would take for this reply!;-) as you say, it is like calling a british person jozef because the polish spelling is easier!or, because tant calls the priest 'abouna beeter', you actually start writing 'peter' with a '…
  • ok, now you put me on the spot!(just like my confession father who used to give us coptic lessons while we were sat waiting for Bible study and not interested in coptic!) it means 'our Lord and our God and our saviour Jesus Christ'i am glad to see t…
  • thanks a lot, so 'novi' is sins.that makes sense:-)
  • well done, coptic artist, may God give you many peaceful times. and see this for an update on italian coptic's kid: (hope you don't mind me copying the link, italian co…
  • interesting, so what is kan nen novi nan evol?(sorry about my transliteration, i know it is not up to your standard of coptic!)
  • i think it means 'sins'.but i'll step back and leave the proper coptic speakers to comment!have a blessed sunday, may God fill you with the light of His resurrection and forgive all our sins.
  • welcome, iansetiawan!may God give peace and grace to all his church in indonesia.i hope to order this soon and i hope you can too. 
  • did not find it, still looking...(ethiopian food is great by the way!)
  • he sounds like a nice person.did u know that john wesley (one of the methodist founders) liked a lot of the early orthodox church fathers? his love for knowing God personally and reading the Bible was also very orthodox.:-)
  • jojo_hanna, you omitted to send me your email address! i hope to finish the modern translation of the 12th hour prayers in the next few days, by God's grace.i am doing this for myself (for when i prefer to pray in english), for jojo_hanna and for an…
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota August 1
  • yay! thanks 2 God!
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota July 28
  • hi, eastern orthodox brother (sister?),that sounds great. i am happy to hear about the modern you pray 'our father' in modern english too?if so, please post it here, as i would love to see that. where can someone obtain the ancient faith …
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota July 27
  • ok, thanks for clarifying.i did not see one like that. it is nice to have a little spiritual book with you when traveling or waiting for people :-)
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota July 24
  • it just occurred to me that perhaps you would like to pray from the agpeya with the psalms in modern english (agree that would be nice!).in that case, you could go to and copy the prayers from there into a document, then copy and past…
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota July 24
  • take the orthodox study Bible and excise the psalms(joking!)but can you get the electronic version, copy and paste it and then print it?the psalms are even more beautiful from the septuagint, and the OSB is a very good translation.
    in Psalms Comment by mabsoota July 23
  • just remember that in some churches (e.g. in cyprus), the sides are always sit near the back till other people come in, so you can check you are on the correct side! i could put up with electric candles (and flashing LED lights on the ic…
  • is the word 'response' different in arabic or coptic?i think what the original poster is getting at is that a response comes AFTER something, not before it.the theological reflections are lovely, though:-)
  • other than eye rolling... 8-|
  • unless the agreement is like this:should i leave the faith and run away from you, i give you all my return, i request that you fast and pray for me at least once a week, so that i will turn back from my error...
  • i think that is just in egypt unfortunately.however, since the virus outbreak, the churches seem to be making a little more progress.people are just so happy to see another orthodox Christian from any orthodox church since they were kept away from c…
  • (behnam is arabic for pahnam, as we don't have 'p' in arabic!)
  • yay!finally did it!attended liturgy - thank God!we can now close the 'psychotherapy for mabsoota' thread, thanks to you all for keeping me sane...
  • i think he (?she) means 'if you are being serious'.probably used autocorrect and missed out the 'o' from typing too fast...
  • :)very weird confessing by telephone, though.
  • well, there was no queue (everyone is more spiritual than me and prays at home), but i did get in half an hour early!liturgies open in uk this weekend, and will probably only be a few weeks before everyone can be fitted all usa open now? i see…
  • although this does mean we need to live our lives as if kidnap and killing won't shake our foundations...