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  • I see what your saying, but it still upsets me to see a child die for a heresy, just as it upsets me to see some Muslim children get brainwashed and think that they are martyrs if they become suicide bombers. I think this case just illustrates one…
  • Coptic Youth, If I may ask, why would you want to switch? There may be no theological difference between Coptic and Armenian since they are in full communion, but then, the question would be, what are you looking to find there? Are you running away…
  • Hello! Ok, I will write more on this later as I'm getting ready to head out, but I'll just make a few comments. First, let me say I myself am Antiochian Orthodox (so in communion with EO).  I would probably best describe myself as Eastern Orthodox…
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=topic=5419.msg80615#msg80615 date=1198555139] 2 points I would like to say. I am 100% sure of these. 1. If a Coptic Orthodox Person decides to receive communion in an eastern orthodox church, the eastern orthodox wi…
  • He had Leukemia and would have been fine if he could have had a blood transfusion.  His parents went to court to try to force the transfusion but the judge ruled that he could make the choice because he "seemed mature."
  • JW's are a dangerous cult. Just about a week ago a 14 year old boy in my area died because he was a JW and could get a blood transfusion.
  • If you are baptized in the Coptic Orthodox church your baptism will be recognized by the Eastern Orthodox churches as well (and also by the Catholic Church for that matter).  Recognition, does not however, mean communion.  But, the Coptic Church and…