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  • well that's really a good information regarding music, music really gives me relief .
  • well many things are still out of human reach , there is long way to cover to know about all these things , but i think that there is some power or we can say that almighty is handling all these things.
  • well one of my friend does not believe in god and all such things related to god , but i want him to get devoted towards god, so i need some help , can anybody tell me how to convert his mind .
  • Prayer is like patting your back whenever you get yourself in problem. Prayer bolsters you. Definitely it is a rope way to reach that Almighty. With prayer glory of God could be identified.
  • Other stars and planets are the testimony of power of that Almighty.. I believe this is to keep human beings grounded always in order to make their flourishing guaranteed. And second thing God by making these astronomical things increased the beauty…
  • Prayer always bolsters you in spiritual way. Very true that mental strength is the big strength. Hymns, spiritual songs leads you the way you deserve in true means at mental level.