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  • Some of C.S. Lewis's books are worth the mention: 1) Mere Christianity 2) The Screwtape Letters
  • Catholics believe in transubstantiation as well...(taken from Wikipedia, I am pretty sure this is factual lol) "When at his Last Supper Jesus said: "This is my body", what he held in his hands had all the appearances of bread: these "accidents" rem…
  • The church does not believe the Body and Blood of Christ turns into human cells...this is not Transubstantiation. Transubstantiation is when the bread and wine is blessed by the priest, it transforms into the actual flesh of Christ (though it retain…
  • Kingdom of God refers to the Church..Kingdom of Heaven is...Heaven lol
    in Luke 18 Comment by curious1 January 2007
  • well we crucify Jesus every day when we sin...are we all going to hell? No we repent, just as he MIGHT have but we never know
  • davidschanter is only trying to show that it is plausible for evolution to exist and that is isn't contradictory to what the Bible says. I get the vibe that most people are throwing away this idea because of the fact that we came from apes (Oh no!!…
  • so your saying Christ didn't know?