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  • Hi Kyrollos, Here's the recording by Moallem Ibrahim Ayad: God bless you. In Christ,+ David Arida +
    in Pi-Ehlog Comment by Davidarida July 2018
  • I think it is very nice as well. However, I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but the date of Pope Shenouda III's departure was March 17, not March 12. Sorry. But still, God bless you! :)
    in Pope Comment by Davidarida March 2012
  • [quote author=ophadece link=topic=13041.msg153236#msg153236 date=1332057069] Dear Davidarida, No.. the "hedan" of the pope isn't said anymore. There's no point in saying "keep his life". The only fitting hymn is "awshas" Oujai [/quote] Yeah, I kind…
  • Thank you so much Mina!! And do we say the Hitenyat before or after the one for the "Saint of the Day"? And if it is before, do we not say anything after the "Saint of the Day"? Thanks in advance...
  • I am very sorry for writing that. I did not realize that I had used poor word choice. Does anyone still know the answer to the original question, though?
  • [quote author=churchbob link=topic=12758.msg149744#msg149744 date=1325373776] I don't believe we chant anything special for Jan 1. Its a seculiar holiday. Just straight kiahk hymns. [/quote] I was thinking that originally. But I remember last year …
  • Weekend tune? Ok, thank you so much Mina. God bless!  ;) + David Arida +
  • Hello to all, This is exactly what I am talking about. The vespers on Sunday night. The only reason why I said the "Sunday Evening Prayer" is because in the Presentations Menu, it is called the Sunday Evening Prayer, not referred to as Vespers. The…
  • Hi Cyril, I already have the Presentations Menu downloaded from, but all they give is the Tasbehat Asheya on SATURDAYS during Kiahk. I want to know what it will be for Sundays. David Arida