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  • oo nvm im sorry i didnt know we censored 3 letters that make up a bad word in a word, that is pretty sry i assumed u just bleeped it out
  • why did u bleep out the a word from every word
  • umm ...hmm...does anyone know where i can find the 2006 Easter mass at the Cathedral online whether audio or video?
  • does anyone know another recording other than that, because that's a real old recording and it's quality isn't that great?
  • Get the book, i forgot the name, something Boharic Coptic
  • thanks vina....Coptic Servant: I'm from St. Mark's in Chicago we did the panel on purity and the play was a modern day Joseph...and i was Joseph
  • The thing about the pope picking his succesor is they don't pick their succesor they just know who their succesor will be.
  • well said
    in Demas Comment by mtanious32 July 2006
  • we have the same thing; every month my church St. Mark's in Burr Ridge(Chicago, Illinois) plays St. Mary's from Paletine Illinois. It's pretty succesful and hopefully it will grow and there will be more teams.
  • Well all the events are listed in the bible, but I'll name what's on the top of my head: Famine, pestilence, earthquakes, natural disasters, wars, nation rising against nation, Jewish homeland (I believe in Isaish it says your Messiah will come, you…
  • there are more than those 3 liturgies that we are used to hearing/seeing everyday/every week...such as the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and many others that i do not know of but i know exist
    in syrian Comment by mtanious32 July 2006
  • yea r u talking bout the books the Apostles or in other words, the epistles? Like St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, Ephesians, etc?
  • Number 2= Pray for these holy and precious gifts, our sacrifices and those who have brought them Lord have mercy.
  • I havent been online for a week and I've been out of town, so I'd like to thank Katherine for sticking up for me because I wasn't trying to insult anyone, but I'm saying what is true: Prom has this notion were there is drinking and smoking and sex a…
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 July 2006
  • This is how I see it, a crush is a feeling you have for someone, a feeling is an emotion, thus crushes are emotionally based, and not just physical
  • Kbibo8, did you ever go to prom? I assume not because your stuck to the stereotype. And what you said I took very offensively, I'm not insecure with my postion and i disparage anyone who disagrees with me? The stereotype is prom is a dark evil place…
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • The thing is people are so ignorant!!!! You hear it is bad, yes maybe in some cases where some people do something stupid. But Prom itself is not bad, the afterparty were u go with your friends(your friends you picked) maybe bad or good, but prom in…
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • Well i dont think theyre excommunicated if they marry a muslim, maybeif they convert to Islam then maybe yes, but i dont think thats the case
  • Umm, the thing is when someone is really sick and might be on their deathbed or whatever, the only way they can confess is through the phone or if the priest goes to visit him.her but he might be busy. Thats why they confess through the phone, and i…
  • is that a joke? Get to know them through the net?????? ??? Ok, that's nice plan on the marriage date, and then comes the wedding and you find out the other person wasnt what you thought they were, interesting
  • Ok I saw this happen the day I came home from Florida, a kid hit the chalice while making the sign of the Cross, and the blood went on the carpet and the Priest's garments. So the carpet was cut and the priests garments were taken and burnt, over so…
  • Ok, my Priest was giving a talk about marriage and he said, "You guys become so good friends with the guys and girls in church(depending on your sex) that you are like brothers and sisters and you cant marry eachother because you are like brothers a…
  • Nothing good comes out of a date ???, Man i wonder how so many people get married!!!!!
  • Well put Mazza, and again, If you have strong faith you can avoid these temptations and also, it is not like everywhere you go in the Prom dance you will see temptation, you can hangout with your friends, I'm pretty sure if you are firends with them…
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • You can not say Prom is not a "Chrisitian" type thing if you have never gone to prom, how do you know that prom might be better than a Youth outing in some cases. Like Katherine said, some people in her Youth Group smoke marijuana, so you can not ju…
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • That was awesome Katherine :)
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • Well, like i said i only listen to the beat and tune of the music, well I barely understand arabic and I have arabic music on my iTunes, and why would I have it on my computer if I barely understand it, because i enjoy its beat and tune
    in Music Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • Hey Godhelpme3691, where can I get written proof that the church strongly opposes going to prom? Because I believe the church does not have an official stance on going to the prom, just like we do not have an official stance on dating per se
    in Prom? Comment by mtanious32 June 2006
  • So Orthodox 11, when you take communion and when you look at it, does it look like real flesh and real crimson blood? Well, when I look at it it does not look like real flesh, or real blood, but we believe, as in the church, that the H.S descends up…