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  • It is nice to know that more and more people are sharing their thoughts here at tasbesha. Welcome to the site. I'm also new here. I think sharing our thoughts and sharing our problems here makes me think that I'm stronger.  ;)
  • Being happy is choice. It is either you choose to be happy or you don't. Even how grave circumstances are, some people rummage all their will power to stay happy. It does not concern any stage in our life where being happy is  a kind of growing stag…
  • I think you have a good plan. We must do our duties even if we like to sleep and feel lazy all day. I realize that my body clock has adjusted with my morning rituals too. Thank God he helps me adjust. :)
  • Hi, I have the same question. I think it is very much a cliche but I believe it made sense. I need to reflect within myself where to start. Reading all those comments is like having answers to my own questions. Thanks for sharing your queries.  :D
  • Hi, I think there's nothing wrong with hanging out with homorosexuals. They are still people and they are also capable of being good. It's cruel for people to think that way. It's rude to discriminate people just because they have other sexual pre…
    in Lifestyle Comment by jeanreyes6 May 2012
  • Hi, I believe wanting to look good is not a bad sign. It only means that you are a teenage girl with a boosting self esteem. I believe that looking good is one of the things we must learn to have because improving ourselves we can also improve othe…
  • Hi, I think you need a second interview or assessment to fill in those gaps. You must put all your effort on this one. Put you attention to it so you won't be forgetting things again. Make sure to take down notes. I think being honest does not only…
  • I have been reading all day and I think this is one of the post I was really enthralled to read. I was really inspired upon reading this. I know God guides us and He always knows that we can surpass the challenges we partake. I trust his will and I …
  • Hi Marmar, I think for a normal youth, it would be okay if you feel bad about not celebrating your birthdays for a couple of years. Our birthdays is one of the few events that people feel very special. Actually, I usually feel that way too. I can't…
  • I believe reading this post had touched my heart in a simplest way it can. At first, I thought this would be some kind of a nonsense post but I was glad that I read it. It made me realize that God really has plans for us and that things happen for a…