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  • But doesnt god already know how many ppl would turn away from him? Then y do it in the first place.
  • thanks for learing that up. and also im nt suer but i think its in the old testenmt but what does god mean when he says. "I am a jelous GOd"
  • It's totally irrelevant whether one believes in hell or doesnt. If it exists, it exists no matter what anybody thinks. If it doesnt exist, then it doesnt On the contrary, since the only effect hell has on us in this life is to scare us into being go…
  • To have the good work's Heavenly_note is implying, one must first have faith, because good works proceed from faith. If there is no faith to begin with, than where do the works come from?? Really? So what you are telling me is that it is imposible …
  • surrogate mother WHAt exactly is a surrogate?
  • Mazza i have a question for you that you dont have to answer but.....How old are you?
  • Just remember two things: God is a merciful God, and He is a just God. He's not just going to condemn people to hell left right and centre, but we shouldn't take his mercy for granted either (hence the just part). Don't worry about whether the entir…
  • when i asked you about your religion, i asked to know you really believe in. not what must know because your coptic orthodox. btw, i wasn't surprised when you said your CO. there is a lot of people that are CO but in reality they don't know anythin…
  • Yes, unfortunately hell does exist. It's an undeniable fact. WHAT?! you say this as if you can with a snap of your finger prove to me that God exists! Even worse is you stating it as an UNDENIABLE FACT.
  • This may come as a schock to you guys but i am Coptic Orthdox. I know, suprising isnt it. I just say all this when i have a question about my own faith i change veiws and debate it and hope im proved wrong. thanks to cathrine for that answer of hers…
  • I don't see it as logical in the slightest; I am a very moral person. I consider myself to be pretty good down to the core. I never hurt a soul, I help where I can, I contribute to the betterment of the various groups I'm in. Yea I do have faults. B…
  • How can god not choose? He created us after all, certainly he could at least influence us with something that is logical to make us believe. And can the non believers not get somewhere neutral? Do we have to be thrown into the fiery lake just becau…
  • It is good for a man not to touch a woman. - 1 Corinthians 7:1 It is good, but is it bad. Did you think that maybe this was intended for higher preist hood or for monks.
    in Sex Comment by Heavenly_note June 2006
  • Ok...i have a question. WHat about sex in a relationship. A serous one not just gf/bf stuff like in high school. But were two people are really commited to each other almost engaged. Also...would this include all types of sex like oral sex or just …
    in Sex Comment by Heavenly_note June 2006
  • But these bodies r not ours!!!!!! LOL im goin to tell your SS teachers you r not paying attention in class, these bodies are not ours, and thats why i guess there is no clear answer on this topic, other then maybe one of the Moderators has a clear a…
  • How is coptic writin in egyptian? that is what i relly need to know.
  • Oh yeah and what does this say? ÇáÃÈä ÇáÖÇá