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  • hi i'm Sorry for interruption, But i don't want you to make an effort i've already made so that you can have time for something else. I've ALREADY posted the COPTIC ALPHABET till the letter [coptic]X[/coptic] in the tread " How to learn Coptic ....…
  • hey You all I LIVe in Egypt NOW and Arabic is my 1st Language So if any 1 wanted lessons tell me , but i'm sorry i'll be a bit slow ... i'm busy most of the time. :D:D:D:D:D:D Pray for me..
  • hi all [coptic]Ee[/coptic] Ai Pronounces as Ai Ex.[coptic] E;ouab[/coptic] => ethoab = Saint [coptic]^[/coptic] soo it’s only means no. 6 in coptic. [coptic]Zz[/coptic] Zita [coptic]Z [/coptic] = Z Ex. [coptic]Anzyb[/coptic] => anzib …
  • hi the next letter is : [coptic]Dd [/coptic] Delta (Thelta) 1. [coptic]D[/coptic] =D in names Ex. [coptic]Dauid[/coptic] = David [coptic]Adam[/coptic] = Adam 2. [coptic]D[/coptic]= Th ( as in THE not THEATRE) in any other word Ex. [coptic]Dwron[/c…
  • hi Gg Ghamma ( Gamma) 1. [coptic]G[/coptic]=G as in (Goal - Gun)not as in (George) if put before on of ([coptic]e y I u[/coptic]) Ex. [coptic]Agioc[/coptic] =Saint [coptic]Gy[/coptic] =earth 2. [coptic]G[/coptic] =N if it is put before one of ( …
  • hi [coptic]Bb[/coptic] Beta (Veta) 1. [coptic]B[/coptic]=V if it is put before a vowel Ex. [coptic]Bw [/coptic] ; Voo =Tree [coptic]Bwk [/coptic] ; Vook =servant [coptic]Bal[/coptic] ; Val =Eye [coptic]Beri[/coptic] ;Veri =new 2. [coptic…
  • [quote author=Paulh link=board=4;threadid=320;start=0#msg3288 date=1086756796] [coptic]Pe[/coptic] is femenine for "your" [coptic]Pek[/coptic] is masculine for "your" [/quote] hi I'm sorry Paulh but i've read that [coptic]Pe[/coptic] is like ver…
  • THE LETTERS Aa Alfa =A as in Bar. Ex: Anok = I (Subject) spells Anok. [coptic]Ran[/coptic] = name [coptic]R[/coptic] = R [coptic]n[/coptic] =N Can u tell me words u know contain ALFA [coptic]A[/coptic] (used in the church) ??? [center]T…
  • hi you can go with a friend or any1 so that you can encourage each other to concentrate,it's harder when you are alone.
  • hi You can pray and ask God to help you to Concentrate. God bless you
  • hey Thank you all 4 ur USEFUL replies. God bless u. Pray 4 me
  • hey excellent question mine are: St.Mary Archangel Mikhaeel St.George St.Filopateer Marcorious St.Athanacioc
  • hi Here are some verses Gen 20:17 , Job 42:7-10 , Exit32:12-14 , Effisians6:18-19 , James5:16 , Rev8:3-4. May that help u. Pray 4 me.
  • hi And we celebrate St.Athanacioc. Yeah very cool. :D
    in St. Mary Comment by Fadyna33 May 2004
  • hi there is something more Important In the old Testement there is somethimg that says that if any man died without any children, his brother should take his wife and get Children for his brother. Matthew says the name of the trace of the UNREAL fa…
  • hi Yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ST.MARY. that's right. And yesterday was the Martyrdom of Saint Marcos. Pray 4 me.
    in St. Mary Comment by Fadyna33 May 2004
  • Hi the prophetess name in the Old Testement was: Daboora. Pray 4 me.
  • hi everybody 1st:the PHARAONIC (old egyptain language) was compsed of 3 :1Heroghlephic(the holy Writing was 4 priests only), 2 heratiqy, 3 domitic ( the people laguage- the spoken language). 2nd:in sometime the people in egypt stopped to speak the …
  • hi That's exactly what i meant, to pray everywhere. And the prayer mentioned "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!" is a very good prayer and the fathers have talked too much about it and wrote a lot of books about it. Als…
  • [quote author=Minrew link=board=4;threadid=177;start=0#msg1235 date=1083540646] The replies here are all very good and helpful! :) I notice that if i am praying something from memory, i sometimes concentrate on saying it right instead of contempla…
  • hi i think you can try to make your prayer ours longer bit by bit.And it's preferable to use the "Agpyea" because it's prayers are written by the old fathers of the church, and it gives you longer time to have with God.I've tried it. Pray for me.
  • All I know that John Milton has metioned them in his book "Paradise Lost". But i thing it's a Catholic thing. Pray for me.