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  • iqbal im gonna have to disagree with u.....this issue has everything to do with religion and the church. if u think about it, if scientists did find a genetic link to gays then that what just make GOd an unjust and contradictory God!!! if GOd speci…
  • i think this is a very interesting topic...but i no for certain that the Church does not believe at all that homosexuals are that way because of genetics or biology....i heard anba moussa say that in one of the conventions nd he stressed on that fac…
  • minagir ...........maybe u r rite...ur explanation makes more sense
  • we fast for three days bc that is how long Jonah stayed in the belly of the pretty sure that is y
  • i no the riddle to the baseball one.... In the BigINNING, God created Adam nd Eve..... i have one ...when was the first match of tennis recorded in the Bible???
  • HEy guys im new to this site but i think i can answer ur question on the "brothers" that have appeared numerous times in the BIble. This question was specifically asked to HG Bishop DAvid.. and this was his answer.... First of all there are 2 poss…