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  • hey thanks heaps listened to them, she's really good! anyone have anything else?
  • mm quite true.. so what do itell him. stay friend until i make up a descision. or  just a no. or look these are the barriers and they are a good enough reason to refuse right now no matter how good/ereligious/compatible u may be in other areas?
  • thanks coptic dragon. i loved ur response.. what hit me hard was that yes, i do value someone that has fluent english, it is a subconcious need within me to communicate at a proficiently satisfactory level of english.
  • thanks for the welcome. yes i do agree that i am young , and if i was to, it wouldnt not take place for anther 3 years at least. The question i am really asking is should i consider (THUS LOVE) at the moment it is more like im getting to know him …
  • Yes i see. Waiting a few years sounds wise. Is minor communication difficulties enough of a problem to refuse?
  • sorry i will postt up on personal issues. LOL i forgot all about this topic thing. yes it has been that long
  • western new year???
    in new years Comment by why January 2008
  • the reason there are so many contemplations is becasue he was the person who's prayer was answerred the fastest within the bible..his prayer was answered within the same verse. for this reason many people wanted to discover what was so special abou…
    in jabez Comment by why December 2007
  • i dont have  a site but if u go ahead ask any questions ill be glad to answer them for u
    in jabez Comment by why December 2007
  • well i think that there is 70 of them because we were just given a talk about st lukes gospels and then abouna said he was one of the 72 apostles then hes like 70 of them sorry..there was 70!
  • well ok, what really is it organisation? a non-chistian cult? oh and another fact id like to many people out there are actually believing in such rubbish? however still why isnt there still much about it out there on the activities…
  • thanks so much for the website i just wanted to ask though,,other than auditing, does it have any ceremonies?? and so far from what i have read, nothing has touched apon the no screaming when giving birth that a myth?
  • well actually the reason that i did say they were claiming to be a type of 'chrisitanity' was becasue my school gave us an assesment task to talk about different christian cults...and this was the one that was assigned to me by my coptic orthodox sc…
  • well if u guys ever do getting around to create a group, please Hizz_Chilld ..send me an email or SOMEFING and hailemikeal, i recommend that u talk to someone like IQBAL or Miksel, (or any of the moderators and get their permission before making a g…
  • thanks hun..n yer its probably who ur thinken bout..our whole skools talken bout him right?? ok MY situation is much better...however... he got seriously introbuel becuase of the same attitude hes given to other people.... they told the principle.. …
  • yer i hear you thanks for the advice..but what got hizz_ child into it??
  • [quote author=why link=topic=5401.msg71865#msg71865 date=1180939658] ok heres my situation.. i have this guy from my class who doesnt really care what he says to certain ppl..including my brother who he makes cry (hes 5 yrs) and says crap to my sis…
  • i dont apreciate ur sarcastic comments VAs.. i did say he was in my all whatu said was NOT appropriate!! thanks tanious.. i totally forgot about praying for him... yes thats such a great idea...LOL thanks anyway vas![quote author=vassilio…
  • thanks guys..anything else?? HARDYAKKA?? HELP ME OUT??
  • ok theres a GREAT SERMON about women submiting to men by father anythony messih.. under the title love and marriage i think its part 3 or 4..or something.. i will get you the link ASAP..i think it will answer all your questions
  • thanks everrryone for ur posts.. ill update you..okaiie i HAVE inproved however im not close ot being good enuf..i have my gooddays and bad..and yesterday was probably the WORST.. 7 LONG STRAIGHT HRS ON MSN>>>>>>> I CALL IT DEP…
  • hmm nope..i need username and password
    in mabtensash Comment by why May 2007
  • and does anyone have the lyrics to it aswell pls
    in mabtensash Comment by why May 2007
  • ok thanks very much THIS IS MY FAVOURITE ARABIC HYMN!!
  • so after every verse we say this yasoo3 lama raany,asra3 elaya,fe yaasi we zalamy,nawar 3enaya lama shoofto,sarakht erahamni,geh ankazni,wet hanan 3laya or wat?
  • yes a friens always said, swearing was merely an inadequate use of  vocabulary, emphasising that swearing is used when  u dont have  awork to describe the situation!!
    in bad words Comment by why May 2007
    in esma3 sorakhi Comment by why May 2007
  • he wept..if u look through these pages, you will find numeral GREAT storiess!!
  • hey isnt the LAMA SHOFTO PART the chorus or pretty sure that we say it more than once and then repeat it..!!