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  • Hi there, Here is a link to an outline (not too in-depth!) of his biography in English: If you read Arabic, then: (which attempts to answer why he is given the…
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=13231.msg155043#msg155043 date=1335723722] c_hope, may God reposed yr loved one and comfort all who mourn. Christ is risen. [/quote] Thankyou mabsoota  :) Thank God, all are comforted that our beloved is with her B…
  • Just came out of funeral prayer an hour ago...festive tunes throughout, annual Agios, Pi'Ekhristos Aftonf in relevant areas, and coffin procession to Ekhristos Anesti RIP beloved of the Lord.
  • Hi there, That's the seventeenth and eighteenth part of Nim Gar (end of Sunday Theotokia in Tasbeha) - prayed for Holy 50 days after Easter, and then afterward at the Sunday Tasbeha till end of the month of Hatoor. Here's a nice recording of it: …
  • Thanks for the response - any chance of a reference for the part about his mother asking him to return from the monastery, and him actually doing so?'s not mentioned in our Synexarium readings, and I haven't found it in other biographies I've r…
  • Hi there, Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I looked up both the English and the Arabic ( versions - and there seems to be some sort of discrepancy... The English versio…
  • I think I will humbly wait for the expert answers to that question, because the best I could do was to look it up online, and from Wikipedia (of all wonderfully reliable sources out there!) it says: تعرف البتول أو العذراء أو البكر في الأصل على أنها …
  • Oh ok - thank you for clarifying.
  • I thought 'bekr' meant firstborn...?