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  • [quote author=StVictor link=board=1;threadid=2761;start=0#msg42486 date=1131821425] It also says there are other Gospels which were not included in the Bible? The Gospel of Thomas??? etc. [/quote] About the whole Gospel thing, there are gospels w…
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=4;threadid=2256;start=0#msg34304 date=1123375223] Okay so now a days in 2005.. can u be a monk if u were previously married, had kids, or are not a virgin? [/quote] Actually we talked about that in Sunday school. B…
  • No offence but I was wondering if someone can give me a verse in the bible that states that Jesus Christ said that women should be "silent in the church".
  • [quote author=Iqbal link=board=4;threadid=2173;start=0#msg33354 date=1122205872] Dear gurl-servant, Communing with those outside of the Orthodox Church is considered a severe offence in the Orthodox Church; essentially you are automatically ex-comm…
  • Well right now I'm going through a stage in my life in which I just want stay away from God and the church. I know it sounds a little crazy but I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I feel like my relationship with God is deteriorating...I mean I'v…