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  • The cancer come back to my brother and he is now in serious pain. Please pray for him. I, who is staying very far from him is not able to do my job in good way. Please pray for all us. The young man is paralyzed and not able to walk. His brain see…
  • My brother whom you have been praying for has been taking medication for the past three months. Now he is checked again for the Cancers that he had developed. According to medical results, he is free even can go to work with out any problem. With …
  • Thank you all for your prayers. With help of God he is still alive. He is named Mark. Please continue praying for him. God the Almighty the Creator of the World and Mankind please send your mercy on every one looking for your help.
  • He had two surgeries and still getting another treatment. Christians please help me in your prayers. God has mercy and can send His mercy with your prayers. So please pray for my brother so that God will show His grace on him. I know all of you migh…
  • In the Name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Sprite One God Amen! Please pray for my brother Tekla who is suffering from Brain Cancer that the Almighty God will give relief for him. His wife TG and our mama to be stong in these difficult days…
  • Thank you all for praying for my brother and please continue praying for him. May the blessing of God and Virgin Mary be with all of you. O'h God the True Healer send your hand to heal all the people who are suffering from different diseases!
  • Thanks for sharing your experience in my country Ethiopia. As a christian or as any person it is common and good to share experiences, to give critique or suggestions on issues. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is very strong in holding the Ch…