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  • [quote author=servant33 link=topic=12769.msg154857#msg154857 date=1335067447] [quote author=markmarcos link=topic=12769.msg154847#msg154847 date=1335043977] no way [/quote] Exactly [/quote] I am going to have to agree Because if i was raised all my …
  • Hey Guys! Thank You so much for the recommendations for the taraneem!!!! ;D +God Bless+
  • [quote author=George_Mina_Awad link=topic=12769.msg149916#msg149916 date=1325654337] Anyway, to answer your question, i think it's more human nature than anything. The longer you believe something, the harder it is to let go of that belief. I'm sure…
  • This is a largely discussed argument. Last year i started evolution in my eighth grade class and I am reviewing it again this year in Freshman Biology. I spoke with my father of confession and he told me that there are three kinds of beliefs: The st…
  • Even though i am WAYYY over in MA i will surely keep everyone in my prayer all you can do is to pray that this will be peaceful public event and that no violence will escelate from anything :) +May God Bless you and keep you all safe while you do th…
  • i know what you mean i am going to high school next year and it seems that it gets harder and harder to find something productive to do in the summer. what you could do is talk to your abouna and ask if there is any way to start a summer camp. we di…
  • i personally think that it is wrong to hate any body they are people whose eyes are just clouded by the devil all we can to is to forgive them for everything that they do because as Jesus did as he was on the cross he said " Father forgive them for …