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  • The first written source of je nani nan with the three different verses was written in the deacn service book of m3allim farag 3abd el messiah I think. I don't know if this helps
  • One will find the original text of it in the Kiahk psalmodies made by the monestary of souryian or kiahk psalmodies made by the metropolitan diocese of bany swef. They probably took the text omit from there and translated it in English and put it on…
  • Grace and peace. This hymn is called aynahos and the right tune for is like the Adam tune for kihak psalis (like apahit nem palas and tishepehmot entotk) it is in the presentations menu. The tune they chant it in in uncommon and taken from sabany Ho…
  • we are suppose to stop after the verse that says "master kladious and theodoros" and then start at "saint of this day everyone by his name" in all the joyous days and feasts
  • [quote author=simplycoptic link=topic=11337.msg136720#msg136720 date=1303963997] hope this helps [/quote] is there an annual one tho ?
    in tasbeha Comment by deacon p April 2011
  • thank you very much for your help. God bless
    in Fani-tenh Comment by deacon p March 2011
  • [quote author=Davidarida link=topic=10915.msg132159#msg132159 date=1299438135] Hello to all, I am just wondering if the Evening Prayer on Sunday is the Weekend Tune or the Weekday Tune for Lent. Please respond, and God bless. + David Arida +  ;D […
  • [quote author=kmeka001 link=topic=10943.msg132498#msg132498 date=1299625467] Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows whether to chant Nefsenti or Ni Savev Teero in the presence of the patriarch, metropolitan, or bishop. or chant Ni Savev Tee…