My Signature Won't Fit

edited December 1969 in Technical Topics
For the signature, it says max. 100 letters. Is that new?? Because the verse that I had used to fit, but now it won't let it finish because it's more than 100 letters.


  • i want to hav more words in my sig. toooooo ;D

    plz...admins?? :-\
  • We're sorry but some people abused this feature by using distracting signatures so we had to limit it to 100.
  • could you please make them longer...( you cant even put 1 verse if its too long for your signature ???)
    people could abuse the signatures when they are short too anyways

    pretty please admins
  • mr admin,
    has this feature changed...coz i wanna change mine but no much will fit?!
    and GB
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