Need your prayers

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Hi, i'm kinda down now, full of anxiety and fear, i need God like never before. Can you guys please pray for me.

+pray for me+


  • Ur in my prayers!!!
  • The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you  :)
    Have faith, Pray and all will be well!!
    God Bless
  • Hello,
    I know exactly how you feel - may the Lord grant you peace and joy. I recommend you read Psalm 91 (He who dwells in the secret place...). If you have the phone number of a priest then giving him a call might be a good idea, this is what helped me when I was in this situation just a few days ago.
    You are in my prayers and my thoughts. May St Mary intercede to the Lord on your behalf, that God may comfort you

    Remember me in your prayers,
  • Through the Intercessions of all the saints be with you.
    If you are scared recite Psalm 23. It works with me when Im afraid.
    God Bless you
  • Of Course!
  • without a douby. May God help u swiftly.
  • Of course, may God help you and make you feel His presence in your heart...

    God Bless
  • Certainly will remeber u in my prayers, copt4eva, these are trying times we are living in. You are not alone.

    God's peace and love to u
  • Thanks guys for your prayers, it means alot.

  • read the book of job... very nice, one of my favorites! and meditate on his prayers!

    God works for the best! believe me!
  • I will pray for you also.
  • God who is always with us .. who left his herd to seek the lost sheep.. will never leave you .... But if you wanna him to be with you .. just believe in Him ... practical believe that he will not leave you ..

    God bless ...

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