Which saint Is your fav



  • Favourite Ones:
    1. St. Mary (obviously)
    2. St. Mercourious (Love him, great miracles)
    3. Pope Kyrollyos and St.Mina
    4. St. Samuel the Confessor (Amazing)
    5. St.Abanob(so much to say)
  • for me St. Mary of course and Pope Kyrillos-his story is amazing and i had a miracle dream when i first read a book about him.
  • 1) St. Stephen
    2) Abd Il Maseeh Il Manahry
    3) Anba Barsoum Il Erian

  • Anybody know where i can read the Story of St.Samuel the Confessor......  ?
  • Pope Kyrollyos and St.Mina
  • Definitely my baptized saint, Saint Mina. :)

    One time I got really scared in the middle of the night and Mary Mina came down and told me that everything was ok. I'll never forget that...
  • Hi everyone,
    there are many Saints that we all  love and who are in our thoughts. so many of patriachs though they had thier particular love for certain saints (Papa Kirollis--St Mina) were still very close to other saints as well most of all Saint Mary the mother of light..

    i would say for me constantly on a regular basis i love to seek intercessions and rememberance from
    St Mary the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ
    St Anba Karas and ST Anba Shenouda de archmandrite
    St Anthony and Anba Macarius, St George ....and St Mina, St ABbaMossa the strong
    St Bishoy ,Abu Safin ,St Jhon the short,
    St Abba Hermania, St Jhon Apa kame, and Saint O marg of the lion,
    St Mary the eygptian, St Demania and Marina the acetic and St Marina the Martyr

    then again who can resist to not the others in thier particular feasts lol which would be endless to write lol

  • mine is st athanasius and st dioscorus
    [move]i love anba karas[/move]
  • The Mother of our SAVIOR.
  • Now I got some,
    St. Mary, St. Wannas, St. Augustine, Pope Kyrillios IV, St. George, St. Anthony, St. Philopater Marcorious (Abu Sefien)

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • All of the saints should be loved the same, because with them we have fellowship with Christ as well as the oppurtunity to be with Him because they all kept the faith alive.
  • St. Apollo and St. Bishoy are both my favorite as they are excellent examples of humility. St. Anthony is also amazing as well as Moses the prophet
  • Saint Marina the monk...

    If you don't know her story, go look it up!! It's beyond amazing.. :)
  • o.o that is a good storyy..thankss=]

  • [move]ST. MARY :)[/move]
  • St Maximus the confessor, St Paul of Thebes
  • St. Tekla. One of the most inspirational stories I have ever read. For some reason he reminds me of Samuel the Prophet though...
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  • too many to pick just one favorite!! ???
  • St.Kristos Samra
  • My favorite saint in the Coptic Church is the child-martyr, Saint Abanoub. Here is a link to a filmed version of his life and martyrdom with English-language subtitles:

    فيلم القديس الشهيد أبانوب النهيسي

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