what happens in coptic baptisem

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i want to know what happens during the ceromony in the baptisem so  i know what to expect


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  • Are you talking to me first off? Second, you make no sense at all.... third this has nothing to do with a coptic baptism....

  • you know what guys i just asked a question and its your choice weather you guys awnser or not. im here trying to share my joy and rejoice in my christian faith as you guys know i was a born muslim and i was saved.is it about arguing or are we forgetting the trute point here of talking about JESUS CHRIST?
  • You're right bigeee.

    In a Coptic baptism, firstly the priest must pray the rite to consecrate the water. The Prayer of Thanksgiving begins, followed by the reading of certain Psalms and more prayers. Then, depending on who is being baptised (child, adult, pregnant mother, catechumens (no longer around)) the specific rite is prayed and the specific readings. The person is then baptised by immersion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and then the renouncement of the devil takes place, in which the newly-baptised denounces the devil and his works. The person then is present during the Holy Liturgy, and takes Holy Communion, and then is taken around in a procession around the Church at the end of the Holy Liturgy.

    Sorry, I for being vague, thats all I know offhand.

    pray for me

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