Noah Curses Canaan- Genesis Verses 20-27

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Why does Noah curse his grandson Canaan after Canaan's father Ham saw Noah (his father) naked? And can Someone explain verses 25-27? It's kind of confusing.



  • Hello,

    Father Tadros Malaty's Interpretation of Genesis gives a good reason:  Noah did not curse his son Ham because God had previously blessed Ham, Shem, & Japheth (Gen 9:1).  This book also mentions that some believe Canaan took part in the mockery of Noah along with Ham.  Maybe you can do some research about this..

    And about Gen 9:25-27 (Canaan's curse), here's a portion from the same book about this:

    From another side, calling Canaan “a servant of servants”, namely the lowliest of the servants, is a prophecy about the Canaanites who challenged God, and deviated to the defilements of the pagans, as for instance sacrificing their children to the idols (Leviticus 18: 25 - 28; Deuteronomy 20: 17, 18).

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