i had a 2 dreams last night

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the first one was a muslim guy holding me trying to force me to go inside a mosque and pray the second one was with pope shanoda and pope kurlyoss and my father of cunfession and alot of other priest and i was in church.. is this a bad or good thing?


  • I think you are actually debating between continuing in the True Path or giving up.

    You decide.
  • They're are a few problems with dreams. Sometimes dreams are messages from God, sometimes dreams are just things we're worrying about or thinking about, and other times dreams are absolutely random and have no meaning at all. To be honest, I think your the only one who can decide which of the three things I wrote above best applies to you. It really depends how you feel about it. Severus, I don't think he's debating at all judging based on his last topics.
  • [quote author=bigeee link=topic=6887.msg92327#msg92327 date=1215368636]
    the first one was a muslim guy holding me trying to force me to go inside a mosque and pray the second one was with pope shanoda and pope kurlyoss and my father of cunfession and alot of other priest and i was in church.. is this a bad or good thing?

    wow..... I would take this seriously and not joke about it! You should tell your Father of confession and see what he has to say!
    and you should think about are you close to rabana? are you following his commedments? are you reguraly GOING TO CHURCH? is your heart ma3a rabana? etc.....

    dreams are what the mind is thinking of, when you sleep your body rests but your mind never sleeps it keeps thinking about stuff...... dreams are what the unconious mind is trying to tell to the concious mind.

    i hope things turn well,
    let us know how thing turn out,
    pray for me,
  • As PopeKyrillos said, you shouldn't worry too much about this, dreams can be a message from God, but beware the devil can also play tricks with you. Mostly they're just random thoughts and are to be ignored. If you're not sure, you should ask your father of confession, but definitely don't make any desicions or something base on your dreams...

    God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • i want to be baptized so badily i am so close i can feel it abuna just asked me to fast wenesday and fridays and i have been going to church for about 2 years now so it is not a matter of if i want to do it but of me constently thiniking of when it will happen..

    i feel like there is 10 seconds on the clock in the super bowl and i am just waiting for the center to say hike so i can kick the game winning field goal in the super bowl
  • We want you to be baptized soon, too. It will bring us great joy when we can finally call in you our brother in Christ. But don't worry :) There was a magician in Acts, who wanted to be baptized, by St. Peter refused and it was only later when he understood the meaning of Christianity that he got baptized. Perhaps, God has a lesson for you. Keep your eyes preened :)
  • I get these kinds of dreams all the time.  It's no big deal.  If it makes you feel any better tell your father of confession about it and see what he thinks.  Since your are very close to getting baptized I imagine Satan is doing everything he can to psyche you out but don't be fooled.  Keep your mind clear and focus on the task at hand ...
  • Forgive my ignorance,but I do not understand some of the replies to Bigee. He is not a christian yet,how can he have a Father of Confession? Is that possible?

    I also do not understand some of Bigee's stories. The first question that comes to mind is,why is Abouna hesistating from baptising you, if your decision to become a christian is as firm as the mountain rock? Why did he advise the girl that you apparantly love to stay away from you? This advise does sound serious to me. If the girl would say, she would forgive you,but she would not be ready to plan her future with you, what then?

    Your dream, as I see it, tells me that 50% of your heart wants to remain Musilm. Not only converting from Islam to Christian,but also converting from Catholic/Protestant to Orthodox is a big hurdle.The transition is made easy,if the wish to do so emanates from the heart, a genuine desire motivated by the love of the Lord Jesus. But the fact that Pope Shenouda and Pope Kyrillos and not the priest that you know,have shown up in your dream suggests to me that the Lord is trying to help you see the true Light by sending his beloved shepherds.Not everyone gets to dream about them.
  • Sorry, I just meant  for him to ask the priest guiding him right now, and not to make any conclusions because dreams like that can be very deceiving.
    Especially since I doubt 50% of him wants to stay Muslim, judging the things he said about it.

    God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • bigee, i think the dreams show what you are thinking about, what you are afraid from and what you wish to have...remember to dont say your dream at night bc they make come back to you in real!if you believe of course in this;)
  • Dreams have 3 sources - God, Satan, and the random jumblings of the mind - when your mind plays around with what you have been thinking about for example. As Archdeacon said, talk to your FOC (the father guiding you), but it could mean nothing at all.

    Im digressing but I remember a story I heard about a monk who had dreams from the devil, which H.G. Bishop Moussa told on TV. The monk got these dreams which he thought were from God, in which an angel told him that he was a great saint and that he was truly righteous. At once the monk told his fellow brothers, and he was advised that they were from the devil, but he refused to believe the other monks, as his pride had driven him to believe that they were really from an angel. Anyways, one night in these dreams he was told that the next day a chariot from heaven would descend and take him to heaven. So he wakes up, and climbs ontop of the wall of the monastery and sits, while the monks are watching him. Then, a chariot of fire appeared from heaven, and drew near to the monk on top of the monastery wall. The monk then stepped off the wall and his foot went straight throught the chariot (a trick by the devil), and he fell from the wall which was over 10m high. Afterwards, he realised the devil had been tricking him and he repented before dying 3 days later from injuries.
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