Not a priest, yet wearing a priests clothes...

Hey, you know in this new movie Hassan and Morcos, Adel Imam is wearing a priests clothes but he can take them off (I mean it's allowed, whereas with normal priests it's not), and he doesn't have to have a beard and he doesn't wear a hat (I don't know the exact term). So what position is that in the church exactly, what are the duties of such a person?? I know for sure it exists (not only in the movie) but in real life, since I've seen such men on pictures also...

Could someone please explain, and are there any other positions in church that are relatively unknown yet do exist???

(oh and ps: what's the difference between osqof and moutraan?)

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  • a metropolitan, is a notch higher than the bishop in respect that he's an older brother... and then comes the pope... so bishop... then the older brother the metropolitan, then the oldest brother is the pope!

    in the movie hassan we morcos... adel imam went to the pope and talked to him about it... and the pope told him that he cant be a priest... so they changed it and made it as a deacon... so in the movie he's a deacon, not a priest!
  • Thanks Suberman for your reply on the metropolitan-bishop question..
    But deacons don't wear a priests robe... I mean men wearing soutanes (priests robes), yet they don't have beards, nor do they wear hats... What's their position and funcition???

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    please pray for me
  • Bishop - Metropolitan question:

    While it is true that they are not ranked differently in the church, a Metropolitan is simply a bishop over larger area "Metropolitan area" rather than a diocese or a bishopric. its is simply an administrative distinction and has nothing to do with age, rank, etc...

    On that note, a Patriarch is also nothing more than a bishop. Happens to have more responsibilities, etc... but from a dogma point of view, he is ranked as a bishop.

    As for the deacons question.  Any deacon who decides to leave work and dedicate himself to the church will probably get dressed in black tonia (similar to priests) without the head cover. Simply to show that they are dedicated deacons to the church.  Most probably these deacons are full deacons or arch deacons.  In these cases, their rank allows them to help with certain liturgical services like giving out of the blood during communion. They grow their beard as a sign of dedication to the church and the work of God.

    Hope this answers your questions.
  • a bishop is not the lowes rank of the of the whole group. the metropoliten of course is higher but lower than a bishop not many no this but he is an episcopal it is like a bishop only for a town or village
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