I assume I am allowed to study in passion week

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I have alot of work to catch up on

I think studying can be a type of suffering with the LORD..


  • Hey Mikeforjesus

    its me!

    can u clarify which type of study u do so that i may be able to form an opinion as to whether or not i agree or disagree with you?

  • Dear MikeforJesus,

    I should say so, with two provisions: one is that you dedicate this work to the Lord with an appropriate prayer, and do it as you would do any work for Him; the second is that you do not neglect your prayers and your religious devotions.

    All that we have came from Him, and of His own do we give Him. Have a blessed (and busy) Holy Week.

    Hope that is helpful.

    In Christ,

  • You're allowed to study in Passion week, but please do not compare the "suffering" u have in studying with "suffering" with the Lord.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ became my Sacred Salvation. His His Holy and Honoured Blood was shed to purge me of my sins. His suffering, that we remember during this Holy Week has nothing in common with the suffering we can have in our daily lives.

    You are studying for who? For yourself. To better yourself. And you wish to compare such acts with our Lord's suffering??? On the cross???

    Study by all means, but do me a BIG favour : don't use this comparison.

  • yeh offcourse ur allowed to study but not watch t.v
  • no t.v but definitely study.  juss dont compare becuz Gods suffering was worse than any of us. 
  • God was with Joseph and he was a successful man. Gen 39:2

    So study but dont neglect Church and you`ll be fine
  • Well..i think u can study outside Church hours?
  • study study study
    i heard if you do not study and you go to church the whole week, God is not going  to help you in your studies because you are not being true to yourself

  • of course you can study!!!! god doesnt want us to neglect any of our duties..he doesnt want us to neglect our relationship with him or our lives which are his 'gifts' to us that he has given to us and will ask for how we have used them.
  • Yea if u usually like studying then stop . But im sure we all dislike it lol. So KEEPSTUDYING!!!!!! lol
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