Holy Week Sunday-Thursday

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Hello. I'm a deacon and last year I was too young to care about anything going on in Holy week but this year I would like to study it. Can anyone give me what happens in holy week in a format like this please:
(Example: Liturgy)
1.Abouna Picks Orban.
2.Prozifixaste is said by deacon while Abouna goes around the alter.
3.Deacons Kneel outside the alter.
4. Hymn Tishori and Heten Are said.
5.Pauline starts.

It doesen't need to be in great detail. Maybe in about 10-15 points.
(I know I'm a new user name but I'm ALWAYS on Tasbeha and almost no other website but tasbeha, I always read the latest discussions and listion to hymns daily, it is my homepage  ;D)
Thanks you, God Bless.


  • well this is tooo general. i would say look at the hymn text library, http://tasbeha.org/hymn_library/ . look around and ask questions.
  • Well first off, glad to see you are taking an initiative. During Holy week there is only one liturgy Held and that is on Muandy Thursday and the setup is not close to the way we do it usually. On Thursday its starts out like any other day with the First, third, Sixth and ninth hour to be prayed. The first hour is has the prayer of thanksgiving and that goes on as normal. then the verses of the symbols are chanted with the appropriate verses of the day. Then psalm 50 is said. Then the priest prays the litanies. Then agios is said in the mournful tune. Then Fai etafenf is to be said, the Praxeonton. After which the hymn of Youdas, Then agios in the mournful tune once again. Then the Psalm Avechnon is prayed in its known tune. Then the third-ninth hours follow like the rest of the days of Pascha. Then the Liturgy of the Water is prayed(salat el Laqan) While the people are having their feet washed, Psalm 150 is said in its annual tune. Then the Eucharist begins. During communion the eleventh hour begins. Hope this Helps
  • Thanks to both of you. This helped a lot. I'm kinda was empty minded when I asked i had a Pascha book with the whole thing less then a inch from my typing left arm (LOL!) So I could of looked there and my Father as well is very knowledgeable about    Alhan all year round. So I asked him right about I read both of your responses. Thank you for showing me the Text Library minagir which will help me learn many hymns, at thank you for even mentioning the liturgy on Thursday because if I never knew it existed until you told me jydeacon, Now I can learn Agios In it's sad tune  ;D again thanks to both of you.

    Copt Andrew
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