Life of one saint

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I was reading the story of St. Hermina the hermit, and it says he isn't written in the synexarium, why?


  • You know what..  If you check the Synaxarium on, and look under Kiahk 2, and switch to arabic, St. Hermina is listed.  He's not listed under the english.  Maybe his story is in the process of being added to newly published Synaxariums?
    Does anyone have access to a new Synaxarium?  If so, can you check? -- thanks.
  • There are also other saints that arent mentioned in the Synaxrium like St. Verena and St. Maurice and the Theban legion
  • You know there is a long drawn out process before they add any saint to the Synexarium.  Some body told me they have to have a saintly reputation for 50 years after their departure is the first requirement.  Thats why pope kyrollos is not in there yet
  • No thats just for canonising people as saints. pope kirollos is in the Synaxorium it just says that he died on that day, but his life story isnt there because he hasnt been canonised as a saint yet.
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