Bible Game

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My friends and I play this game, which is common and all, most people know it by playing it on the road when you can see the license plates, but anyway to the point which is you first start by choosing a category, such as saints or names of books in the Holy Bible, if you still don't understand the concept, hopefully you will when you get it later on!! For example, the category would be saints, so you name a saint like Abouna Youstos, and since the last letter of his name is S, you need to name a saint that starts with S like St. Stephen, and since the last letter of his name is N, you also need to start with N for the next saint like St. Nofer, let's start with St. Nofer, so the next saint starts with R, whoever wants to contribute and continue go right ahead, and if you want a new category you can start that too!!

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