Human Nature

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i just had a quick question.

In school we're learning about human nature, and the oppinions of philosophers. So i'm writing an essay on my personal oppinion versus the oppinion of the philosophers, and I was wondering, how did God create the nature of humans to be? I know he made humans in his likeness, but if he made the nature of humans good and perfect how would we sin? Or if we are in the likeness of our creator, than it couldnt be evil. So did God create the nature of humans as "just is"?

I'm really curious.


  • God created man in His image with free will, we abused it and sinned and were sentenced to death, the human nature is a result of our actions and abuse of free will.
  • Thank youuuu for clearing that up :)
  • before u thank me i would like someone to confirm that im right lol. i dont want any misunderstanding... i know u guys are reading this and i'll be waiting for a response
  • eh... human nature sucks....

    God Created man in his image yea.. but our nature sucks... we have a corrupt nature i think .... cause we would normally sin.... but than when we get hs and communion and blessings and bible and all these wonderful things we  "take off the old man (nature), and put on the new and superior one"
  • After Adam and Eve's fall, their human nature which was created "in the image of God..." (Genesis 1:27), has been distorted and corrupted by a prevailing tendency to sin. Adam's children are therefore begotten in Adam's corrupted nature "in his own likeness, after his image" (Genesis 5:3). As regarding to the quote "take off the old man (nature), and put on the new and superior one" that was referring to the time after sin and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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