East Coast Coptic Confrence

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to know if anyone from here is going to this. I dont think this is the exact name for the retreat but its close. Its going to be with Anba David and Anba Bishoy in Jersey starting oct. 5th so yea anyone going im soo excited! haha i reaaaallllyyyyy hope we can do tasbeha!!!!!! that would be sooo amazing i'd be in heaven lol


  • The name of the convention is the Youth and Servants Theology Convention (Y.S.T.C.). It is for youth and servants in college or older. Applications must be submitted by the end of this month. Honoring us in the convention are His Eminence Metropolitan Bishoy and His Grace Bishop David. This is the second annual convention, and I think it truly is something none of the youth and/or servants should miss out  on. If anyone needs an application please send me a PM and I will email him/her an application.
  • haha yea exactly im sooooo excited for this so that obviously means your going right? lol
  • what is tashbeha? interesting but don't know. I'm Greek orthodox
  • Tasbeha is an arabic word that means Praise
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