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You guys im so mad.Ok I have my best friend her dad and my dad dont cooperate any more. Her dad started lying to my dad and making up stuff and it was obvious my dad got mad and told me to watch out and be aware of them.Today I came from school at 2:36 and I looked at the caller ID and they called so my role was to call them back btw they called at 2:22 I called back and her dad was like oh it was probably my little daughter and the little daughter is 1 year old.Then he waz like are you home alone and they always ring a few rings on the phone and close.I think he is trying to stalk us. But what should I do? Im going to see my Bestfriend tomorrow.And I dont want to tell my dad wut happened today so he wont get mad.


  • I don't know wut to say!! But i think u should tell ur dad!!! Just for protection or something!!!
  • I dont want 2 tell my dad about wut happened today so he wont get mad
  • ya but u can't hide it!! If he finds out that u no he might get mad at u!!! i am not focing u to tell him but i would even if he does get mad!!!!
  • my opinion on this issue would be to tell your dad as *Thirsty+For+Christ* has said, just because if it's on the caller i.d. than might as well, what's the harm going to be, but just tell him I did so and so and don't be mad at him/me if you think he might be, but tell him the entire story, and remember God said, "When you forgive, you forget" then, actually sit down with your friend tomorrow, and explain to her about the reaction your dad took, and tell her your problem, what do you know, she might actually help you!! May God help you and Bless you, I hope I was of much assistance as you needed!!

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  • The lie of omission. I have done that many times- too much to count. Your father is responsible for you- it is his role as head of your house- just as Christ is the Head of the Church. Thus, it is imperative that you should disclose anything that threatens your safety, or affects his governance of the household to him.

    Besides, your friends on Tasbeha also want you to be safe, and will not ill-advise and choose the riskier option.

    Even if your best friend's dad is trying to make amends, it is inappropriate to use you as a channel. Perhaps, the call was an accident- I have called several people because I absentmindedly not lock the keypad of my phone. If this is one call, that hardly would arouse suspicion. But since this did arouse suspicion in you- then obviously since we on Tasbeha are not privy to what is happening in the background cannot determine the gravity of the situation that would provoke such a thought.

    However, your father has a wealth of experience and to stop communicating with him your fears, your hopes, your daily activities, your achievements, the downs and the ups, will get you into a lot of trouble later in life- trust me- I am there!

    Maybe I was right that my father would not understand? But maybe he would. And what is the worst that will happen? Is not obedience going to be rewarded in Heaven? Is not honouring our parents a Commandment? Did he not put food on the table? I think I owe that I share as much part of my life before marriage, as possible.

    I know I went outside the scope of this scenario, but trying to evade our parents, even for amiable reasons is a fast ticket to no communication.

    Even if he reacts "badly" to this, in your view, you will see his love for you- he cares about you- that is why he takes any information seriously. If he reacts casually, you can see the calm wisdom of your father.
  • pray about it.. talk to foc. talk to dad.... don't get involved in matters that aren't yours.. and stay out of trouble....
  • Thanks you guys I told my dad last night.
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    Even if your best friend's dad is trying to make amends, it is inappropriate to use you as a channel. Perhaps, the call was an accident- I have called several people because I

    It wasnt an accident they just call us to stalk us You guys might think this is a story but its true.
  • so, how did your dad react if you don't mind me asking?? you don't have to answer if you don't want!!

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  • Well My mom was sitting there too and they were like dont call dem back unless they leave a message. He waz mad about what her dad said oh my daughter called .like our number is the first on the caller id .like they call.  and last night they called at 9:45 at night well we were asleep and I just saw it on the caller id and I dont have a phone in my room and today i saw her and we just acted regularly and I didnt read all of the posts that were posted yesterday and it was too crowded to talk to her about it.Plus she wouldnt understand i cant just go up to her and tell her u need to stop. I am getting mad at what they are doing I personally think that is disrespect but im not trying to judge anybody but they have been doing this for too long.There is a lot more to say but this is enough.
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