Fatimo says hello!

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I am a new member. Is there's anyone around who lives in Norway?[coptic][/coptic]


  • Greetings Fatimo! Interesting place you come from. I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of being in Norway. Care to explain what it is like? :P I give you permission to use some creative licence and will not accuse you of being overzealous :P

    This forum is one of a kind, and I hope God brings you many blessings though it.


    God bless.
  • [glow=orange,2,300]Welcome fatimo!!! i hope u enjoy it here!!! I did wen i first started here!!! well if u have any questions don't be afraid to  ask me!!! ok!!?? oh ya!!! Always................[/glow][move][glow=yellow,2,300]SMILE!!!![/glow][/move]  
  • Dear Fatimo,

    Welcome - the UK is nearer Norway than is Egypt - but it is still far away. A beautiful and pleasant place to be though.

    Enjoy your time here.

    in peace,

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