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My family and I use to always sit down and pray the Agbeya, but eventually we stopped, my father and mother use to give 10% of there money, and now its just some money here and there, feeling like it wasnt really important.. this was all 2 years ago... 2 years ago we moved into a huge house in a very nice area.. Our old area that we lived in 2 years ago was full of drug dealers, theives, and was just a dirty apartment. we still go to church, but only once in a while, and the past 2 years we would just go to church just because its routine... we didnt think it was that important, or that bad to skip church to sleep in, or skip church for other plans.. Now, we are in a very bad fincancial state. My father is struggling as a real estate agent, he cant seem to sell any homes, and our old apartment is being rented, we couldnt sell it.. therefore were still paying for it, and losing almost $1000 a month because of it... My dad was really really upset that he cant give us everything we want because he just doesnt have the money.. and for the first time he had to borrow money from his brother and sister just so we could stay in this house..

We got this very nice house for cheap, very cheap... which is the only reason we got it in the first place... Now we are in such a bad financial state that we are actually considering moving back to the old small apartment, and if we do, theres like no chance wel ever live in another house again.. we just cant afford it... This is the first HOUSE ive ever lived in in my entire life, and i love it... We dont know what to do.. we dont want to go back to our old area thats full of drug dealers and bad people.. This place we live in it so clean and full of very nice people.. It was defiently one of the greatest blessings weve every gotten from God... ANd now, we dont know whats gonna happen.

I know this is a wakeup call from God... hes calling us back to him... and we are definetly coming back... we pray together again.. we almost always go to church... were fasting right now.. and we study the bible together... we need more prayers, my entire family is so upset about this... I was having such a good day at work today and i came home and got one of the worst news ive ever gotten in my life.. moving back.. We need prayers, i need suggestions, on what i should do... please please pray for us.


  • you are definately right. St. Macarius Bishop of Edcow says "Christ loves his children, and prefers them to be near him. And when we lose interst in his love, he uses every effective measure to get us back, whether poverty, illness or disastrous events."
    However, I really admire how you pray together as a family, read the bible together etc.. Maybe god just wants you to be more thankful for what he gives you. St. Barsoum the naked says "The more we thank god for his plentious gifts, the more gifts we receive." And I really hope that you are happy once again, and can keep your house and return your debts. Just remember to thank god for whatever happens.

  • i highly suggest that you yourself pray the psalms.... don't worry about the prayers that you always repeat a lot... just pray the psalms and the gospel of prime and the twelfth hour of the day... it will comfort you... cause there are people out there who don't have a house, and don't have family to help them

    But ill pray for you
  • Prayer = GREAT IDEA .
  • God be gracious to you as you seek Him again.

    Pray for me too
  • Your family has done the right thing. Apart from God there is no real wealth, and as Our Lord pointed out, wealth often becomes a barrier to God; in tearing down that barrier you have made the most important step, and now that you are together and praying, have faith in His goodness.

    St. Isaac the Syrian once said words to the effect that it you think God has not answered your prayer, have patience, for you are not wiser than God.

    Our prayers and with you and with your family.

    In Christ,

  • If I were to give you advice it wouldn't come directly from my mouth, I'm not that great at giving advice, anyway back to the main subject, His Holiness Pope Kyrillos VI said, "Do not be lazy to go to Church" it's pretty much self-explanatory!!

    Coptic Servent
  • Thank all of you for everything.. I will continue to pray, everytime i do i thank God for this punishment, because it has opened our eyes and let us see clearly where we stand. We were far from God and didnt even know it. Just showering ourselves with all the blessings he gave us and not thanking him. Or if we did thank him it was just simply a "thanks God" and got on with our lives. My father seems to be the most effected by this situation and he told me that something amazing just happened to him. The other day he was home alone crying and he prayed to God saying Lord i know you are with me, i jsut need a sign so i can be comforted. And than he blinked and now he quite smoking. After over 30 years of smoking and trying to quit using perscriptions to help him quit, he never could. And it wasnt a struggle for him to stop.. he said he no longer even craves cigerettes which is shocking because he is a VERY heavy smoker. I mean he usually smokes a pack a day, everyday. He was also telling me that he was thinking after this problem goes away and the pressure is off he would try to quit smoking. BUt God is telling him no, even with the pressure on your going to stop Now.

    This is a definite sign that we will be okay, as long as we stay close to God and remember that we are nothing without him, and everything we have belongs to him, we must not worry about paying our debt to the government, but pay our debt to God, for it is God who pays our debt to the governemnt not us.

    Thank you for all your prayers, God Bless you all.
  • do not stress or fear...if u do, u will show God that u dont think He can provide for his children

    God bless u and ur family always and i promise God and Saint MAry will be with u and help u
    Amen+ :D
  • Meena-Ameen,

    I will remember you in my Midnight Prayers,when I get home.Never forget to ask for the intercession of St Mina,the wonder-worker and his Beloved Pope Kyrillos.As you may know and as your nick and the choice of your avatar suggests,these Saints are fast responders and solvers of problmes that seem unsolvable.

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