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Hello everyone, I'm a new poster here. Well...not really. I had an account here a couple years ago, posted a bit, but then I disappeared. I've been reading the forums for a couple years now, without any participation, hence my user name. I read the forums numerous times a day, however, I'm still debating whether to be a full member and post a lot, or to remain the same silent type, and post seldom. Either way, all I have to say is I love this community and God bless you all.


  • hey silentone, you seem not so social..even though you mentioned that hence your username, but still i'm glad you are a full member now, and participating in the forums, i hope you get benefit from this and feel free to ask anything you want, according to the regulations of course, but i hope you have a good time, may God always be with you now and forever.

    Coptic Servent
  • hi silentone

    i am new too..and i want to thank u for the great response u gave me on the forum of humility

    and i just wanna say i can relate to u in soo many ways..i am pretty quiet too (u will learn maybe i am not that quiet on the internet..but in real life)..and was hesitant to make an account aswell...

    pls pray for me
    -sister in Christ
  • If u participate u would like it here. Ok!!!??? Well i know ur going to have a great time hear well welcome.

  • hi Silentone,
                    I nkow u like this website and u will forever but if u have been reading posts and u have some thoughts about them why not take time to write them down other ppl will learn from them! 8)
  • Dear SilentOne,

    Welcome, and participate as you are moved to - they also serve who stand and watch.

    In Christ,

  • Hey SilentOne
    I'm looking forward to see your posts. You know I was like you and I've had this account for 3 years now and only a few months ago I've started posting. Don't worry everybody here is great!
    Pray 4 me
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