ananias and sapharia

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hello every1..

i have a question..that i dont think there is necessarily an answer for..but i would kinda like to hear thoughts about it if not answers


y were ananias and sapharias' sin treated like it was in the old testament "the wages of sin is death" ..i know death here can also mean eternal condemnation..however my question is y didnt they get a chance for repentance ...wasnt that the whole purpose of the crucifixion ..for God so loved the world that he sent is only begotten son to forgive us our sins and to give a 2nd opportunity to enter into His kingdom that he has prepared b4 the foundation of earth...which no eye has seen nor ear has heard..neither has come on the thought of man..

thanx every1  in advance..cant wait to hear the replies..
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  • I have always been taught that it was because they committed the sin for which there is no repentance - the sun against the Holy Spirit. Having been received into the Church they tried to cheat it and then they lied about it.

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  • And the golden-tongue preacher said that often in the beginning God makes examples of people.
  • As Douting Thomas said it's an example to us and to teach us that sins will lead to death. Maybe not worldy death straight away but the eternal pain (hell). We still don't know what their position is. Will they go to heaven because they didn't get another chance (very unlikely) or will they go to the other way because they exactly knew what they were doing and lied (Very likely). Another point we need to look at is that Ananias and Sapharia only sold their land to show-off infront of the people and the apostles that they were giving money to the poor and the ministery. That is another not-so obvious reason. It's not only because they lied but because they had the wrong intention (showing-off) as well.
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  • Yes that is right, Kirmich, they sold their land for the church but when it came to giving it all, they held back part of the procceds. It was as if they were saying this is good enough for God, we will have the rest. Its either you give or you do not give, there is no half way about it, when you say this land is for the church, you give it all.

    When you say you are for God, you give your life to God and it is his will that is done.

    God doesn't want halfway or 90% of the way Christians

    This could be the reason why

    forgive me if I am wrong and change it to help others
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