coptic nuns and monks

How come they only serve in the monastary?
Why can't (don't) they go out and do work in hospitals, schools, homeless shelters and ect. like the catholic nunss?


  • Because in our church we believe that once you become a monk or nun you are dead to the world and they actually do a funeral service for the new monk or nun(i'm talking a literal funeral service as if she was dead) and their purpose is not to help the homeless or poor but to serve God completely and are not supposed to leave the monestary unless certain conditions demand that they do.
  • jydeacon is correct. Besides, there are certain orders in the Church dedicated specifically for service like priests, deacons, deaconesses, and regular people can serve to. Monks and Nuns seek their salvation and go to seek holiness in solitude with the Lord.
  • speaking of nuns, i know that there is Saint Antony Monastery in California, and i think that is for monks. is there one for nuns in america or do they only have em in egypt?
  • I don't think they have established one yet but you never know they might build one soon if they find many women want to become nuns
  • Please be aware that the Catholic 'nuns' you are talking about are not real nuns. 

    First let me explain something.  We say that our priests are 'according to the order of Melkizedek.'  What did Melchizedek do?  In short, he offered bread and wine.  And so, going after the order of Melchizedek our priests also offer bread and wine.

    In the same way the Catholic 'nuns' you speak of are a group of people who are devoted to serve and to act 'after the order of (somebody)'.  For example, St. Francis of Assisi loved the life of poverty soooo much.  So a Fransiscan also loves poverty and shaves his head and doesn't own any personal things, just like St. Francis.  This is why these people are referred to as 'sisters' not nuns.  And they are a 'religious order' not a monastic community.  It is explained above how a nun's job is to serve God only.  Well, a 'sister's' job is to teach or be a nurse, because that's what she swore her life to doing (e.g. Elizabeth Ann Seton).
  • in history there have been plenty of monks or hermits perhaps more like saints who have sort of lived regular lives yet secretivly a life of a monk or nun and they have incorporated those elements u mention such helping other outside or in hospitals etc. in todays society i believe u could harp on doing this by a man of service and of course incoporating those elements. of course if u choose the life of monk or nun  i think it is much easier to live the traditional life of complete  renunciatoin of the world as it saves u from the many traps in the world and helps u reach ur path much quicker that is what i think
  • It will be easier to stay away from the traps and harms of this world but the monks and nuns go through a much more difficult path than any of us can imagine, they are tested very vigorously and face many hardships that are different than the hardships of this world and probably more difficult to overcome. demons appear to them in forms of saints or angels of light, or straight out as demons and attack them. in my oppinion the life of a monk or nun is much much harder than any life on earth, and is by no means easier to get to heaven. the only difference is that you have a better chance of getting a higher place in heaven but by no means easier
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    speaking of nuns, i know that there is Saint Antony Monastery in California, and i think that is for monks. is there one for nuns in america or do they only have em in egypt?

    Actually jsangel_23,
    if you go to and go to the end of the page there is mentioned that there is a St. Mary's Convent in Florida. A convent is a monastary for nuns

    In Christ,
  • Yes, about that monestary, here is some information:

    The convent belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States.

    Regarding the convent, it is temporarily located in Daytona Beach until the permanent location in Pensacola is built. It was opened last year and we are two consecrated sisters living in the convent. We allow only 4 females at a given time to stay at our convent. In order to stay at the convent, permission must be granted to the female after submitting the following:

    - an email sent to [email protected] requesting the days

    - a letter from your father of confession

    The daily schedule for a female staying at the convent will include attending all the prayer times and Bible studies along with any assignments given by the consecrated sisters.

    The convent is open to the public only on Sundays from 3 pm until 8 pm otherwise it is closed to the public in order for the consecrated sisters and any authorized females to focus their time on worshiping and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ.

    God willing we will have a website for the convent in the near future.
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    some thing of the topic
    that is the the best and funnest icon i have seen awsome abosefien  ;D ;D

    Thank you very much karas7,
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  • In regards to the original question and post for this thread --

    There is a monastery that combines the life of prayer and solitude with community service in Rochester, NY -- the Coptic Monastery of St. Shenouda.  This monastery is modeled after the order of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite from the 4th and 5th centuries.  So it is a revival of an order that already existed in Egypt in the first centuries of monasticism. 

    The website is

    Our Church has both orders -- that of not leaving the monastery as St. Anthony the Great gave the example of a monk leaving his cell like a fish leaving the water AND that of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite -- the combination of service with the life of solitude and prayer where the monk has his prayers and strict monastic order but combines with it leaving the monastery for specific services like community service, missionary work, education and academic work. 

  • the monastery needs donations there is a need of r prayers and donations may God bless them
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