Are sins equal?



  • No he killed himself, but his scenario was different, so his shouldnt be judged as a sucide.

    Then Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” And he pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the lords and all the people who were in it. So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life.

    Although he was a very wise judge, Samsonlet God and his people down, by giving away his secret.  Thus sin took over him, and to make things right, after having both his eyes destroyed, he decided to kill the Philistines and their idols in the temple even if it meant he'd lose his life too.

  • Hey, do u live in Ethiopia?

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    Hey, do u live in Ethiopia?


    Where do you live?

    Abesha nesh aydel? :D
  • suicide is blasphemy. thats why its unforgivable. if u commit suicide uve lost hope in God and go against the Holy Spirit by ending a life that isnt yours in the first place.
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    Suicide is a twofold sin.  Firstly, it is murder.  You are taking away your own life, which you have no authority to do.  Since murder is a sin (which is forgivable), if confessed, one can be forgiven.  However, because you have taken your own life, there is no way for you to confess, thus making it on par with blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (i.e. resisting the Spirit which tries to lead a person to repentance).  There are certainly exceptions to this, namely, how mentally functional the individual is.  In the end, the final judgment is God's and God's alone.
  • Where do you live?

    Abesha nesh aydel? :D

    i live in U.S.A ,New Jersey
  • Life is just like an exam. Each sin we make is a mark we lose. Say we need 50% to pass. If someone did a lot sins and got 40% and another got 30%. Both of them will fail. Obviously both of them will get different punishments and will be judged according to those different sins. But at the end both of them failed.
    Suicide and murder are both sins. No matter what even if it was done for the benifit of the world. As you can remember from the 10 commandments it says you shall not murder.
    Also Samaon was discussed on this thread. No body know if God accepted his repentance or not. In my opinion muder is wrong in his case. However God in the old testemant was strict with his people and he was almost "violent" which changes things.
    pray for me
  • there are many instances in  the bible that suggest that there are levels to sin and levels to certain kinds of sin like lust

    it starts with thoughts--desires---feelings--actions--result.....
    and this futher combined with other sin can be very very bad. like sexual sin with abuse etc.
    we donot know with waht reed the lord measures the depth of sin with i feel he has a diffrent reed for each one of us depending upon the purity of his heart and spirit.

    at best from revelations and the apocliptic writting (other wrirtting not from the bible) there are various accounts of diffrent toture in diffretn sins
    many saints have witnessed accounts of hell and how each sin was being punished example abba noufer the earliest one i can think of is an account from the words of Tamav Irene. on account of gossiping and judgement.

    all in all if u have been brought to know a sin... if the Lord has opened ur eyes to some sin u are committing then it is a must that u run to save ur self becuase that sin will only allow u to sink deeper in to hell even if it is as small as gossiping 
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