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what does everyone think of this?


  • I seen it twice in front of my eyes once
    not with Abouna Makaary tho
    once it happend here as Abouna was giving the Body
    and in egypt i saw it in Deir Abouna Yassa
  • WOW... Sucks to be that guy!

    And Yes...  that gives me chills down my spine 

    And NO... I am not kidding at all!!!

    Jesus ain't kidding when he said "This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting!"
  • Forget 'The Excorsist' Series,  This one is the real deal!
  • I saw abouna macary in egypt, and i was in the middle of this. Not this particular video, but when abouna sprayed the water, this guy right next to me slapped me in the head and started screaming.
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=topic=5703.msg76159#msg76159 date=1188309929]
    I saw abouna macary in egypt, and i was in the middle of this. Not this particular video, but when abouna sprayed the water, this guy right next to me slapped me in the head and started screaming.

    What did that feel like?  How did you react?  I know I would be quite nervous!!!
  • Watching that video, the guy shreaking was unbelieveable.
    The shreik just had this eerie evil quality to it.  Cannot explain it!
  • You asked what does everyone think of this. I will tell you the truth. That guy does not look very evil to me and he seems like he is joking or acting.  I wrecken I could look more evil than that. Sometimes I am scary. I really am oppressed by the devil sometimes but I would think a possessed person would be in more torment than I am. And why are the people around not scared of that guy? one of the guys seems to be laughing or is my perceptions wrong? I think I would be too.
    I am concerned that people judge people as evil and even devils just because they act different. Its because people are afraid to love or something. I have 1 percent comprehension in my lectures it seems. Maybe I have a devil in me and it is not just Attention Deficit Disorder.

    Perhaps the devil is a minor demon or something since I read in another post some people did not even know they had a devil or something. But is there such a thing as a minor devi? did such a being deserve to go to hell? I guess so.

    Actually I was going to comment on this video in another post. And I deleted my post. But now you made a topic for it. From God, the Devil or the coincidence. I really wanted to comment on that.

    In the New Testament possessed people were really scary.. atleast some of them. They had supernatural strength and could break chains. People were afraid to pass them by. But they are really poor souls. Cutting themselves with stones  maybe to get relief.

    Anyway I do not live in Egypt or go to that Church or know the priest or people. Perhaps if I did I would believe.

    Forgive me if I have sinned. Am I here just to spread doubts or what?

  • I had the same feeling; it seemed to be orchestrated. But I never have seen someone possessed, so I speak from ignorance.
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    The thing about demonic possession is that, a person who is possessed is not going to be carrying a sign that says, 'HEY! I'm possessed'.  The demon behaves in a different way depending on the circumstances.  There are times when you will not be able to tell that a person has a demon.  Other times, it will seem that the person is simply displaying some sort of mental disorder, be it schizophrenia or split-personality disorder.  It is only through the grace of God, that we are given the ability to discern between genuine possession and mental defect.  I have known a couple of people who have seen individuals who are possessed, and the behaviour is varied.  You have instances of people who, outwardly appear normal, and then suddenly have fits, you have people that just randomly start screaming, and then you have others that appear to have some sort of mental disorder.  Whether the person in the video is legit or not may be difficult to tell.  Just bear in mind, that just because it looks 'fake' does not mean it is.  Again, discernment is the key.
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