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  • Hi everyone. Hope this week is a very blessed one for you and your family. About Aghapy TV.....Noursat is NOOOOOOT the same thing. I have Noursat for few years but its not our AGHAPY TV that you are talking about. This one is Lebanese. Aghape is Coptic done under Anba Botros. To get it at home on tv, for those of you who live in the New York or New Jersey region, there is a store that His Grace told us about that signs you up for the service. the store is in New Jersey called "AL NOURY" I'm not sure of the exact spelling. I am actually hooking it up hopefully by the end of this week. I dont have a phone number to the store but when I get it, I'll gladly reply back with it for those who are interested....and I'm sure thats many of you out there. God bless always.

    your sister in christ,
  • so what is hosted in noursat?
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    AghapyTV is available via the Telstar 6 satellite for the United States/Canada.

    To receive it, you'll need an FTA dish system (Free to Air) which includes dish and receiver. This is different than DirecTV and DishNetwork. Google FTA for more information. An FTA dish system usually costs around $250-$300 + installation.

    AghapyTV is different than NourSat which is not a Coptic channel.

    I'm in NJ and this company installed it to me for $275 total

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    well actually Anba Botros whos incharge of Aghapy tv was in our church in canada on saturday and hes actually here to get the channel working. So i dont know if it has started in the u.s but in canada so far i dont think u can get it yet

    You can get Noursat from the Arabic satellite.
  • You can't, and I'm sure, receive Aghapy TV through Noursat. It is only available on a private satillite dish. You have to buy the equipment; sat. dish, reciever, to be able to view the channel. Then, you have to install the equipment.
    I know someone who can ship anywhere in the US and has sold to many. You can connact him at 770-873-8873. His name is Maximos Naguib. He can give you a name of an installer in your area. He has suplied to many in Atlanta, Florida, and Texas. The total price is about $175 + installation.
  • The information from Hanoon is good and enough to get you started. I would provide you here with more details that may help. Telstar 6 name has been changed to Galaxy 26. Most of the Coptic community I am associated with had the FTA system aimed to Galaxy 25 (was known as Telstar 5). This satellite has many other Arabic channels such as Alkarma, Alaramia and few other Arabic and non Arabic stations. The problem is that this satellite location is at 97º west, while Aghapy administration elected to broadcast on the satellite at 93º west. In order to receive both, you either need two dishes or one dish with a motor. Receivers to use are Star Cruiser, Mercury, Fortec Star…etc. Last thing I would clear here is NourSat is a Lebanese based station, sometimes broadcasts Coptic material and it is available through Dish network with additional monthly fee, not like Aghapy, broadcasts on free to air with no activation or monthly fees. I will try to logon back to answer any questions anyone has. God bless you all.

    this website has a phone # on who to contact to get this dish... they ship it from california i'm pretty sure, and you have to install it..

  • You can get it in America..idk how tho but we got it when abouna announced it at church..

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    this website has a phone # on who to contact to get this dish... they ship it from california i'm pretty sure, and you have to install it..


    I would say get it installed  is much better than shipped equipment.

    The installer will charge you almost same price you paid for the equipment just to install it.

    they ship for 260$ so I would say its better to get it installed for $275 ,, what u think?
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    Does anyone have Aghapy TV in America?

    Yes I got it installed for $275 in NJ
    I think they cover many places in USA
    This company did it in 2 hours
  • Everyone,

    You must consider that Aghapy TV can only access some locations (there are even some maps of where it can on Aghapy TV - How to Receive Aghapy TV.
  • Dear all,
    I can view Aghaby TV online through; you just need to download a very small program, install it, and it views about 40 - 50 online channels streaming. One of them is aghaby TV. Channels are divided by the genre. I hope you find this helpful.
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  • ophadece,
    Are you sure that this is not a scam? Are you sure that this works anywhere, even in the places on the map where it says it can't?
  • Dear bballdude23,
    I am not sure what you mean by places on the map that say you can't!! I think all you need is to install that little program, and then you can start viewing. I have tried it before (not for some time though). I will recheck tonight when I am at home, and tell you later, but I think it works as long as you have a DSL internet connection, and your computer has got space on it. That is all you need.
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • ophadece,
    That would be really good if you could do it for me. I have 15 GB on my computer which I would think is plenty for this, so the computer space is not a problem. I also have a DSL connection (wireless). Do I need to send this program from the computer to the satellite program? By map, I meant if you clicked the link I had posted up.[quote author=bballdude23 link=topic=2823.msg77485#msg77485 date=1190704171]

    You must consider that Aghapy TV can only access some locations (there are even some maps of where it can on Aghapy TV - How to Receive Aghapy TV.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Dear bballdude23,
    I am not sure if you want me to send you the program or something. Would you please clarify for me what you want.
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • ophadece,
    Sorry, I have a question, is Noursat Aghapy TV?
  • Dear bballdude23,
    I am not sure if I know what Noursat is. But because once I was talking to my family in Egypt, who were watching aghaby on satellite, while I was watching it online, and it had the same program on. That was the Nile Sat (Egyptian Satellite): I think it is transmitted on Hotbird (European Sat) as well, but not very sure of that. If my memory serves me right, Noursat is another channel, but different to aghaby TV. I think that it is as well as aghaby TV transmitted on both Nile Sat, and Hotbird: however, I am not a 100% sure.
    Sorry not to be of much help.
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • Noursat is a lebanese catholic channel it has nothing to do with Aghapy TV.
    neither of them is transmitted on Nile Sat , Noursat is transmitted on Hotbird but Aghapy is transmitted on another satellite ( Telestar if i'm not mistaken)
  • Dear smile4ever,
    You are right. 100% correct. Thank you for correcting my mistakes which I hope haven't done much damage :).
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • smile4ever,
    Aghapy TV is transmitted on Telstar12, I am just wondering, though, what is the channel name when you try to find the channel?
  • hey guys...I was just reading through some of the comments...noursat is NOT aghapy. You have to get a seperate dish for aghapy and give the tech the info off the site to do it. I have fortec star as well and that is what I had to do. I just read this today so sorry for the delay in response! Hope this helps. God bless :)
  • Hi everyone, I am here in america and i have aghapy tv. To get it, just go to a local place that sells satallites/receivers. Give them the frequencys off the WEBSITE AGHAPY.TV

    Then they will give you the right equipment and install it. It's very easy. That's what i did, and it works perfectly.
  • can some one help me to know which porgrams for me and for kids and what time for all the programs so i can watch it we live in USA
  • Aghapy TV is now available on Dish Network channel 775 for only $4.99 / month in addition to the cost of the Arabic package of your choice (you have to have Arabic package to get Aghapy TV).

    If you already have any Arabic package with Dish Network, you can watch Aghapy TV right now when you select channel 775, for it is for free right now as a preview.
  • are you sure magsalama?
  • I got it with Dish Network. I think it came with the Arabic channels.
  • Thanks a lot for the informative post, it was very helpful.
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