I Wonder Why...

This is just me wondering, not saying I want this, but:

Did anyone ever notice how alot of the Saints, specially during the persecution era
were fathered by Non-Christian Fathers, but Christian Mothers:

i.e. St. Sara - whose husband was a govenrner under Diocletion, and she escaped in a boat which was about to capsize, so to save her sons lives she cut her breast and signed them with the Cross and dunked them in the water 3x...and immediately the storm subsided.  Then when Pope Peter the Seal of Martyrs attempted to Baptize them he couldnt becasue her baptism was accepted. 

So like when did the Church come up with the rule that we cant marry outside our religon?  Or how did it come about?


  • i think one reason why we can't marry outside our religion is the life of the chlidren after the marriage....what religion will they have? my mother for example married outside her religion but he was baptised orthodox before marriage....so the other partner has to get baptized before marriage...so we can have  someone outside our religion but they have to get baptized....
    but there are other reasons...i think so...

    however...but thats a reason... :D
  • Dear Gregory,

    It is as well to remember that back then many people were not Christian, so many of the future mothers of the Saints were married off by their families to non-Christian men; many of the latter later became Christians under the influence of their wives; indeed, as any student of the early Church knows, women were very influential in spreading the Faith in this way.

    The Church will, in some circumstances, allow such marriages today - partly for the same reason - it has proved to be a good way of bringing men to the Faith. The Church insists that children should be brought up in the Faith.

    You have to admire the wisdom of the Church over the centuries - it has kept the Faith pure and intact, but has managed to find good ways to spread it to those who need it.

    In Christ,

  • amen, brother!
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