No option to download nativity feast by ibrahim ayad

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I'm having a problem downloading the nativity feast by ibrahim ayad. The website doesn't give me the option of downloading at all.  I'm using Windows XP and internet explorer 7.0.  I don't know what is wrong.  Also i cannot download anything from anymore, but it used to work before, today it just doesn't work, can you please help me



  • yea, same to me i was about to make a topic like this... maybe they are working on somthing.. but if an Administrater views this topic... can u help us?
  • Hey guys, ummmm when i come to download something, theres no download sign, so can anyone help me, in also if u suggest she listening to it, i dont even know how that works, it says theres no program to open it.

  • yeah i have a similar problem...why am i unable to download? is there any reason?
  • Downloads are temporarily offline as we're performing some necessary upgrades.
  • oh kool, no worries  8) :) :)
  • may the Lord Bless You all for This Wonderful site and this Service you offer To Us
    But please Work On the Problem fastly Because I wanna To Download some Praises Argently
    Thanks alot And God Bless You all
  • Downloads are back online.
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