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The kids at my school don't want to stop saying bad words,what should I do ? I already tried some stuff but it doesn't work.




  • well... its not just the kids at your school curse... evry single school has kids that curse...i dont think there more then 20 pple in my school you dont curse lol out of like 2000... so what i do is just ignore them...and i just stay away from them.. see if that works.. --and dont bother trying to tell tehm to stop.. it mostly wont work
  • i know what you mean and i feel the same way.
    Many kids curse and you cant really tell them to stop because they probably learnt it from their parents or other kids.

    The only thing you can do is just ignore them and dont follow them.
  • How about pray for those that curse...
  • Telling them to stop, will not work.  Ignoring them is one option.


    try telling them that it is offensive to you and you don't want to hear curses.  Just as they are free to curse, you are free to keep your ears "clean".  They might make fun of you at first, but if they are your friends they will stop cursing when you are around. That would be a step in the right direction.

    Just thought I would share.
  • are you talking about friends? or just your class mates. ?

    If you are talking about your friends then you have every right of telling them to stop, at least when they are around you.. if they have any respect for you they would listen.... or at least try...

    If you are talking about others that you don't necessarily have close relationships with then try ignore them, if they are speaking to them and the situation arises .. let them know it offends you- but try not be 'commanding' but simply requesting as the person may take it badly and be offended themselves...

    Most importanly, whether friends or not, try your best to love them and never judge them ! no one is perfect, and it is not our place to judge... Pray for them in hope and faith and the Lord will surely hear your cry..
    +God Bless.
  • Dear all,
    One thing which always worked when I tried it, is to recite Jesus prayer in those times were kids are left free, like the breaks, periods between classes, and I think God will help anyone. Yes, praying for other kids is a fantastic idea as well.
    God bless you all and please mention me in your prayers
  • [quote author=Coptic boy link=topic=5251.msg70464#msg70464 date=1177847311]
    Telling them to stop, will not work.  Ignoring them is one option.

    maybe it wont work right away, but at least they'll think twice every time they curse. some ppl curse without knowing it because they are so used to it that it comes naturally. you should ask them to find another word to express themselves without offending anyone. and another thing, dont think they dont notice that you dont curse. they will realise that you dont use those words and they'll wonder why and they'll see Jesus' light in you. never underestimate the power of your actions. you can also give them a disapproving look every time they use that language so they know its affecting you and that you dont approve their word choice. and most importantly, pray for them!
  • well Kristina... i dont think that link would really do anything lol.. ( no offense ) cuz isnt it like a rule for a specific school?.. well anyways.. you should just pray.. God will help if you believe ...Says So In The Bible!  ;)  :D...... anyways.. Pray For Me!
  • [quote author=Kristina123 link=topic=5251.msg70499#msg70499 date=1177938655]

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah, ok enough now........the law suggested here attempts to penalise those who use foul language (if caught),and as such assumes ppl will refrain from using inappropraite launguage (bad words) in the future to avoid such punishments......but sadly this form of expression has become ppl'z tongue's and only they can control their tongue and thru prayers to God, what we can do is role model positive behaviour ie: dont swear, and it does work becoz ppl will certainly pick up on ur lack of swearing/offensive language and question you, and thus you state why you think swearing is offensive......majority of youth are brought up and continually surrounded by such language and therefore they need to break the cycle which is like giving up an addiction.....and controlling your tongue or taming it isnt all that easy............last point which annoys me is that ppl dont understand the meaning or perhaps disregard of such words......and as such can be quite hurtful to some......this idea that sticks and stones may break my bones but words wud never hurt me is BULL
  • do you mean about the link that it is relating to God about punishments? lol if not im confused lol ( as usual ) lol.. but i think i know your point
  • im talking about the law/legislation provided in the link (Aussie law).......God would not approve of us swearing've confused me with ur question lol
  • hmmmmmm im sure there is a similar piece of legislation in America too

    the law says quite clearly no offensive language in a school not only that but within hearing of a school - so if i were u i wud report any offensive language - punishment is always a deterrant.

    i believe the law is quite relevant as its built up on certain values and morals and in some cases and for some ppl determine their values and morals

    ahhhh the law is a wonderful thing!!!!! (ps so are those who administer it!!)  ;D ;D ;) ;)
  • lol... just forget about my question lol
  • Well that's ineteresting [the law thing]..
    but who are you going to warn.. I too go to a school where a lot of cursing occurs.. and it's so widely accepted that almost the entire school population swears [including our teachers!].. not exactly gonna dob the whole school in are we...
  • Language is a way of expressing who we are and what is inside us. I find it interesting that some people would wish to be seen as they will be if they use bad language.

    As Christians we are resident aliens in a secular world; the more we accommodate ourselves to its standards, the more we fail in our mission to accommodate it to God's.

    Bad language can only be stopped by those who use it; they will only stop if they feel a sense of shame at what they do and repent of it; like all sinful behaviour, the sinner has to accept he or she is sinning and wish for the strength to stop. If it is sincere repentance, the strength will be given.

    What impression do we make on others as Christians if they hear foul language coming from the body which is the temple of the Lord? Are we then any better than a white washed tomb, inside which is corruption and death?

    Just a few thoughts.

    In Christ,

  • yes a friens always said, swearing was merely an inadequate use of  vocabulary, emphasising that swearing is used when  u dont have  awork to describe the situation!!
  • That is what is often said, but it goes beyond that. It represents a lack of respect for yourself and for those who have to listen to you; and for a Christian it reflects badly upon the Church.

    We are the children of God. Those of us who are fathers, would we be happy to hear our children use foul language? Such language is of the devil and marks out those whom he tempts. It goes beyond an inadequate vocabulary and represents a failure in personal asceticism. Sometimes people think that to be ascetic is just about fasting and prostrations - it isn't, those things are supposed to be a reflection of one's spiritual self-discipline - and the same is true in respect of what we are discussing here.

    Exercise a discipline over your tongue; not just in your use of language, but in what you say. Every time you gossip or say something malicious about another, you die a little to God.

    In Christ,

  • thank you all for helping me, I will try your tricks.
  • I pray that you will be successful. Just remember, you would not use such words in front of your earthly father - so pay the same respect to your Father who is in Heaven.

    In Christ,

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