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Now we all have gone through the loss of some one we love how about have to loss two people you knew and loved.  this week has been terrible i have had two of my loved ones die .  one died skate boarding and the other a car accedent now you might say oh its their fault but the loss of these two great people is hard on me and my entire Jounior and Senior class of my school.  its been so tuff and hard that every day i think this is all a joke and that tim will pop out of nowhere and say fooled ya or something crazy like him or that corrina will just show up with her big smile and say hey. I dont know what to do i couldnt go to tims funeral because ive known him since kindergarten its so hard and tough especially if you have all your friends and teachers crying and tell you how do you feel.  well i guess your wondering why i wrote this well i want to hear how you got over the loss fo your loved one because apparently i cant :-[ thank you god bless.


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    To put it simply, give it time.  Time heals all wounds, and the fact that these are friends who are dear to your heart and that you've known for a long time; it is expected that you will take a while to recover.  One thing you should never forget is that Christ knows exactly what you are going through because He experienced the exact same thing you did.  He lost a friend, near and dear to His heart.  When Lazarus died, what did Jesus do?  "Jesus wept" (John 11:35), the shortest verse in the Bible.  Go ahead and cry.  Mourn the loss of your friends.  I would be worried if you didn't feel any sorrow at all.  Just know that for the faithful, there is no death, only a departure (as we say in 3asheya in the litany of the departed).  They have gone home, and while we miss them here, we should also be happy because they have been released from the pains of this world and are at peace.

    Please pray for me.
  • thank you Κηφᾶς  those were actually some comforting words and i thank you for your reply.  its still hard but im starting to get over the fact that they are gone but will always be in my heart forever  :)     
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on."
    " Yes," says the Spirit, "they will rest from their labor for their deeds will follow them."

    -- Rev 14:13

    May the King of Peace continue to grant you His peace and comfort you always.

    Please pray for me.
  • If it was a big event and the whole school knew about it, there should've been those counslers that they get and you can talk to them thing you should never do is to stay to someone, anyone, doesn't matter, just talk and get all hurt thats in you out!! am sure if you would like to talk to any of your teachers since who died is from school, usually teahcers would love it if you talk to them..maybe not all but atleast one..i've experienced this last saturday when our quarterbak at school died in a car accident, and school on monday was pretty much a church after a funeral!
    everyone was crying, talking, sharing thier feelings..i've seen people that hate each other, talk again and share the loss f someone maybe they didn't even know!

    i hope that helped!

  • i know how it feels to loose someone u have put in ur dad died 5 years ago...i was 14 when he was hard for me that i couldn't say goodbye to him cause i wasn't there when he the funeral when i saw the coffin i looked at my mother and i saw her crying...i couldn't cause i thought i have to be srong for my mother...i'm know her son, brother, husband...her everything....and then there was anba gabriel who told me that i have to look look at my future...not to look back...cause the past u can't change it...but ur future is in ur i belive that he is in a good place...and as long as they are in our hearts...they are still living...
    it's good that u miss them here on earth...miss them...but don't mourn...u will see them again in the arms of our lord jesus christ...
    miss them every now and then...the same i do...rememver them in the holy mass
    god bless u
  • thank you all for your replies and we did have school counclers.  its tough.  my mother told me that if i forget them then im killing all the good memories of them.  but if i remember them in my heart and pray for them then they will live inside of us forever untill we meet once again.  again thank you and god bless. 
  • Hey ya set konafa!
    I am sorry if i am late.
    we all been there!
    My khalo died last August, and i still can't get over it! I had a dream about it last night actually, that i visited his home and it wasn't the same! I wanted to break in tears but I couldn't because of his kids there and his wife. He was very dear to me, the closest person to me in my family.  The sad part is that is driving me insane i never told him I love him! :'(
    I can't look at family pictures, I can't watch any family videos! because i know he will be there!
    The news of his death, I was in a semester in college! and to tell you the truth my grades droped and i am still suffering from it!

    I don't know what to tell you to make you feel better, because the wound I have is not going away so I can't make your wound go away.

    I know how you feel, and that feeling will never go away! You can call me to cry togather!!! :'(

    pray for me,
  • Hi,

    Most of my relatives that passed away, passed away when I was young, so I can't quite say that I know how you feel, but I'd like to say that death is a good time to reflect on one's own deeds.

    A friend of mine, his father died very suddenly on fathers' day, and just like warning, no nothing.

    Another family I know, where both parents were lost on the same day, violantly.

    I couldn't judge each of their spiritual status, but God could, and He would.

    So every time I think of those great losses, I think to myself, if I were next, would I be ready?

    One thing is for sure: I couldn't worry about my self when I am dead, only those who I left behind.

    May God comfort us all, as He comforted the sisters of Lazareth (whom we celebrate this comnig friday).

    May He raise us all at the last Day.

    God Bless.
  • I'm really sorry about your loss...eveyone in this world has to go through a hard time with living with the death of a loved one. i've known many people that have lost a loved one, i havne't but i know that i will experience again sometime in my life. Time will help you heal...and even though you know that they are gone you know they should be in a happier place

    God Bless
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